art of alex cf


The Merrilyn Museum

These photos appear to show evidence of creatures such as vampires, faeries and other fantastical creatures. They are all exhibits of the Merrilyn Museum in East London, run by a mysterious Alex CF.

Alex asserts that the items were all found in a London basement in 2006, prior to the building’s demolition. They were sealed behind two brick walls in hundreds of wooden crates. They belonged to a crypto-naturalist, Thomas Merrylin, who was born in 1782. He travelled throughout the world collecting specimens, fuelled by a love of esoteric natural history. His specimens challenge our laws of biology, chemistry and physics, and call our definition of many myths into question.

I’m 100% sure this is an art project and there is no truth to any of these claims, but the artefacts are truly beautiful to behold and absolutely fascinating.

You can even purchase them at the Merrylin Museum’s website.