art now!

i dunno why but i felt compelled to make something after watching this and dan pointing out tails’ “funny chest-first run with his arms flopping around”

Tfw you really wanna play Ultra Moon but it still hasn’t come in the mail so you’re stuck playing Sun while you wait and the anticipation is killing you aaaAAAAA

Anyway have a Future Days Gladion in his Aether outfit :0c


So instead on working on the stuff I had planned on working on today, I instead decided to replay @nighttimepixels game “Soul Redacted"​ so that I could get a hold of the dialogue from this scene of Berry declaring that he and Q, belongs to @jolie-in-the-underground,​ are now best friends, which frikking killed me the first time I played it as this was immediately what I thought of, Berry putting his finger against Q’s screen shushing him with Q just looking slightly shocked and stuff <:

This actually didn’t turn out all that bad, just Berry’s anatomy which looks a bit meh and my attempt at drawing the machine did not go so well either though I didn’t really try, Berry’s face on the other hand in the first panel turned out pretty damn good if I may say so myself :D

Anyhow, hope ya two enjoy this!

Bonus close up of Q: