art nouveau mermaid


A cosmic mermaid among the asteroids for my little sister, who asked me to do one offhandedly about three years ago. It started as a warmup… but it got very quickly out of hand. Even so, it only took me an evening!

Definitely gonna be making prints of this one, so keep an eye out. <3

An art nouveau inspired mermaid. I’ve been working on this piece for weeks and I have finished at last!

[Image description: An art nouveau inspired digital painting of a black mermaid with very dark skin and a pale tail sitting in a ring that is decorated with shells, that holds her over the ocean. She has very very long, curly, dark hair and wears a sheer golden colored dress. She is wearing a crown of shells, flowers, and coral on her head.]

My design for Ariel in the live action Little Mermaid! I was inspired by a multitude of things- the Stage Entertainment musical, Merbella Studios’ seaweed tops, as well as Art Nouveau.