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Starry Night Nail Decal Review.

I picked out these awesome Van Gogh Starry Night Nail Decals to review from the BornPrettyStore 

Applying them was fairly simple as far as decals go. They come in a variety of sizes but you have to be careful as you will only get one manicure out of them but I had no issues. Starry Night is one of my favourite paintings and having these decals on my nails made me so happy. Once you seal them in with your favourite top coat they sparkle like crazy! 

My set lasted a week which for me is great as I am always using my hands so I was impressed. 

Use code KEX31 to get 10% off your entire order. 

Born Pretty Store now have an app for IOS users and are working on one for Android users too. ^^

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Music Notes/Symbols

Check out the video tutorial for this manicure here!

After cleaning, filing, and applying a base coat, apply two coats of white polish to all nails.

Non-Statment Nails:

1. use a nail art striper with black polish to make two skinny lines at the tip of the nail

2. use a dotting tool to make a dot or two on or between the black lines

3. make a straight line coming up from the black dot (if you want to make eighth notes, just connect the two black lines coming up from the dots) (if you want to make a 16th note just add a little curve coming down from the top of the black line)

Statement Nails:

Whole Rest:

1. make a straight horizontal line all the way across the nail toward the top of the nail

2. make a rectangle (with one of the long sides attached to the black line) and fill it in 

Quarter Rest:

There isn’t much to say. Following a picture, I just made the outline using a nail art striper and then filled it in (you could do this with a small dotting tool using a dabbing motion or with a nail art striper)

Base Clef:

1. make two dots on one side of the nail

2. make a dot on the opposite of the nail

3. curve a line from the lone dot around until it is almost touching the pair of dots and then down to the tip of the nail

Treble Clef:

1. make a polka dot a little bit off center toward the bottom of the nail

2. make a line straight down the center of the nail (but don’t make it reach to the tip or base oc the nail)

3. follow a picture of what a treble clef looks like to make a curved line reaching from the top of the line down and around to the bottom of the line and the dot

Finish up with your favorite top coat, and then remember to show me your versions or ask questions on Facebook, Instagram, Cynosure and Serendipity, or Nails by Naomi!