art n' junk

yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in


hey so i finally made a parasona!!! his name is maxim and he’s a medium to that asshole galaxy cat u see there, and basically he can do cat things and stuff??? like see in the dark n climb shit stuff like that

his (currently unnamed) spirit uses they/them btw


i was betrayed by my own kin today

Old TF2 sketch request I JUST NOW COMPLETED even though the sketch had been sitting in a folder for months; anon asked for Femgie revving up the gunslinger while grinning terrifyingly with a freaked-out (Fem)Spy!

The original ask got lost accidentally in an inbox cleaning scourge but I saved the prompt thankfully–!! Just love drawing me some femclass I tell you what~

I drew a gryphon. … I-I’m trying a new style- I know it looks funky- I’m so sorry. qwq


Anyways, here’s my little birdy-girl. Her name is Sylva. uwu She helps pegasi and gryphon alike train for winter sports and all that fun stuff.

She was supposed to be a mix between a snow leopard/snow owl. uwu;

If you’re interested in my art n’ junk you can find my other stuff @Shark-Vomit cuz that’s my deviantart/art blog. uwu;;;;;;

She’s transparent!