art museums

Maurice Quentin de La Tour (1704-1788)
“Portrait of King Louis XV” (1748)
Pastel on gray-blue paper stuck on a canvas stretched on a chassis
Located in the Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

Louis XV (1710-1774), known as Louis the Beloved (Louis le bien aimé), was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King of France from 1 September 1715 until his death. He succeeded his great-grandfather Louis XIV at the age of five. Until he reached maturity in 1723, his kingdom was ruled by Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans as Regent of France; the duke was his maternal great-uncle, as well as first cousin twice removed patrilineally.

Now on display at The Museum of Oceanic Curiosities! Come traveler, follow the sound of my voice. It’s been such a long drive on the Bridge.

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I have this theory about wearing all black to art museums,
You see, black absorbs all, light and color,
It renders me as a part of the background -
Not to distract from the surrounding art and beauty,
Leaving me as a reflection of nothing
So that artists may make their impressions on me.
Dressing in black, I hope, will help me to absorb all:
Art, culture,
but most importantly,
the memories.

I step out of the vehicle and onto the steps,
Waiting for you to arrive.
I see you show up, swarmed in color.>
I live in contrast.

We walk about the halls and walls,
Admiring the art that adorns them.
It’s funny,
How you can seem so much more like the shadow the darkness of my clothes resembles
As you tiptoe,
and whisper,
and sneakily wander about my figure,
and become a figurative reminder for the darkness within myself.

I sometimes forget the intention of dressing
In a color so susceptible to the artistic minds surrounding me
It appears art is not the only thing this darkness can be influenced by.

I wear it to remember,
To immerse myself completely into new experiences
Now look how much time I’ve spent trying to forget
Your breath on the back of my neck
As you whispered rhymes into my ears -
How much time I’ve spent crafting better responses
Than a resonant gulp
And a thought caught in my throat.

I don’t remember the art of the culture,
But simply a feeling,
A sensation associated with the entire experience.
I don’t remember your words precisely,
But the sound of your voice is forever etched into the forefront of my memory.
I remember how you laughed at me
When you asked me why I dressed the way I had,
I told you:
I have this theory about wearing all black to art museums,
But that was ridiculous, you said,
And you were right,
Because every memory I have left from that day
Has been ridiculed and replayed
And honestly, most days, I wish I didn’t still remember.

I used to have this theory about wearing all black to art museums,
But since, I have decided to leave my impressions on others
And stop leaving the susceptibility of my being up to chance
Of anyone who may pass me by.

It’s time to live in color.

—  “A Theory In Art,” by Grazia Curcuru, performed at the BLFAC Session II Talent Show 2016