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Watanabe Nobukazu - A Picture of a High-Ranking Marriage Ceremony - 1900 - Tacoma Art Museum by Marshall Astor

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />From the permanent collection of the Tacoma Art Museum in Tacoma, WA.
Tim Drake X Artsy! Reader Headcanons

Request: Hi! Um, do you do headcannons?? If you do, can you do some headcannons on Tim with an artsy reader? If not it’s cool lol

A/N: Hello! Yup, I do do headcanons ^^

- The only time when Tim allows himself to rest is while he watches you paint or sculpt

- He finds the way you move your hands to be so captivating

- Once you painted a portrait of him as Red Robin and he was so flattered he shed a tear

- Tim’s rich af obviously so he often buys you art supplies

- Though you always tell him you can manage on your own, you return home many times to new supplies placed neatly on your table

- His favourite medium of art is actually photography, which you happen to be really good at

- Once he snooped through your photo album and saw a few pages dedicated to pictures you’ve secretly taken of him

- “Hey Tim have you seen my- oH MY GOD DONT LOOK AT THaT TIIIMMM”

- You pounced onto him and grabbed the album close to your chest

- He laughed so hard at your reaction he cried

- He eventually bought a camera and started taking pictures of you when you weren’t looking

- He laments that his photos aren’t taken as well as yours but he still loves every shot of you he’s ever taken

- Once you caught him snapping a pic of you reading a book

- You flung your novel at him

- Despite knowing that his reflexes were too good for you to actually hit him

- One day you found his secret photo album and saw all (and I mean every single one) of the pics he took of you

- Some where while you were painting, drawing, eating, napping etc etc

- You swear to god if you didn’t love him so much you’d file a restraining order against him

- “Hey (Y/N) where’s my mug- nO (Y/N) oH MY GOd”

- It felt like deja vu

- After years of dating, he proposed to you in your favourite art museum

- During the wedding, you two purposefully chose the most unflattering pictures of each other for the video montage

- While all the guests had a great laugh, they could see how much you two loved each other

- They knew that if everyone loved one another like you two did, the world would be a much better place


Movie actress Grace Kelly, a Philadelphia native, wore this gown for her wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco on April 19, 1956. A gift from her studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the dress was designed by Academy Award–winning costume designer Helen Rose, who had created the star’s wardrobe for four films, including High Society and The Swan. MGM’s wardrobe department constructed it with meticulous care under strict security.

Source: Philadelphia Museum of art