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Closeted Witchling HELP

decided to start a masterpost for young witchlings who sadly must hide their way of life. THIS IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. RESOURCES AND MORE TIPS WILL BE ADDED LATER

This post is for: 

  • Inexperienced
  • starter witches
  • lgbt friendly
  • including all witchcraft not just wicca
  • urban witches
  • poor witches
  • all genders
  • closeted witches


Whomever your deity may be, you may want to make an altar for them. You may not be able to have a full altar with crystals, proper offerings, candles and such all over it but none of that is truely needed! little things can be made into altars or maybe a dedicated space! As long as your belief and prayers go to your deity thats all that matters! your deity understands! Example: say your deity is Athena! You may not have a statue of her but you can maybe put up a couple of flowers in a cup or a stuffed owl on a shelf and tell her that its for her! the way you do your craft is totally yours! 

-Offerings can be the hard part. My deity is Abnoba, a Celtic goddess from the Black Forest. Her offerings are mostly Black Forest Ham, Black Forest Cake, and Spring water. Now i can usually provide this since we have Black Forest ham but my mom is gonna be kind of concerned about why my table has just ham on it. So, I do other things, like burn a candle, or talk and offer my stuffed wolf for her. Anything can be an offering if you deem it so. 


Okay so not everyone can get access to multiple colorful candles. however for some witches who hide away this can be a completely normal obsession for some people! So maybe youre in the store with your mom, and you can ask if you can have a candle or two.  “What for?” want that room to smell like Honey Suckle Spring of course.

My mom bought me two candles AND an incense burner! My family is normal about essential oils and incense and candles so this was fairly easy for me. 

Ive realized incense can be a bit of a tricky thing, but for me I had this dragon incense burner forever (it sadly doesnt burn incense well) and it takes the cones, but you can find like gift incense cases and such for the sticks! which is a common form of incense. I use cones but thats okay too! Any little thing helps! If you can convince your parent to buy an incense burner and buy some incense your set! if not, thats okay! candles will still work!

Essential Oils. These are used a lot more today than a couple years back. My family uses them for personal reasons and medically for my bro. These are beneficial though! you usually order them online but some stores have them in candle and incense isles. BE CAREFUL THOUGH. some oils are not to consume or for your skin! Most are for aroma therapy which you mic in water and put in a diffuser! (if oils do not agree with your sinuses steam works as well ive read.)


Rituals can be tricky if youre trying to have privacy and parents dont knock coming in or someone comes home early.I would suggest night time or bathroom rituals. for new witches or witches in cramped spaces, i suggest picking a time, get a candle and pray in privacy of a bathroom or late at night as everyone sleeps and leaves you alone. this goes for spells too. 


You may have read a cool spell to do, but you dont have that candle, that herb, that crystal, etc. Thats okay! Spells are easy to wing its the intent and the mindset that works with it! Maybe try easy spells with minimum effort or research and educate on the spells and what they mean. Write a list of items that maybe you can build up over time! this is the thing a lot of witches freak out over, note you dont need these things to be a witch. the belief in magic, and deities or however you do your craft makes you a witch!


anyone can be into crystals. Its a common hobby to hav crystals it makes it easy to collect when youre out and about. sadly though these things can be pricey. You can find some places that have packs of different crystals. I found a pack at a native american store in cherokee that had rose quartz, amethyst, white quartz, green quartz, jasper, and blue quartz. You can find Crystals or crystal jewelry at art stores, musem shops, malls, or tourist areas like Cherokee, Tellus Museum, and places that hold spiritual value or geology. Ordering them online is an option to! But any jewelry can be like crytsal usage and hold magick purpose.


Mostly for Wiccan witches, you may celebrate holidays like Yule and such. Problem is the celebration. You probably cant make cakes, or certain things on that day. which is fine! you can always make yourself a decent lunch and in your mind its a celebration. you enjoy that grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Now being dragged into family holidays can be different. but some holidays can easily work with yours! Easter and Spring equinox fall in good alignment with one another! Other religions can be a learning experience to improve your craft or take in values you can adopt.

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art museums are magical places, people will stare at a piece, and suddenly cry, theyre so moved, or maybe they'll make some intelligent observations about an artistic installation consisting of a mountain of recycled trash. i remember going to the chicago art musem, and seeing an original monet painting in the middle of some random gallery, and there was a bench right next to it. i sat on the bench for around an hour, and no one noticed the monet painting. art museums are magical places.

.maybe i should give art museums a second chance

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Dumb question, but what is MET exactly ? Stars are invited or they must pay the entrance ?

So, the MET is just the Metropolitan Musem of Art in New York City. The Gala is for their Costume Institute, which is the only department in the museum that has to fund itself. Every year they get a new exhibit and the theme of the Gala revolves around that exhibit. 

It’s an invite only event but it’s not small, last year about 600 people were there. It’s $30,000 per ticket and it cost $275,000 per table. Brands buy the table and then will invite people to sit with them. Sitting at a designers table doesn’t mean you have to actually wear their clothes but usually you wear whoever paid for your ticket. And being invited by a designer doesn’t actually mean you get to go, Conde Nast and Anna Wintour have final say over every person who’s invited. 

Celebrities might be paying for their own ticket but they aren’t paying for a table, only brands do that and then they invite people, who (I believe) either pay for their own ticket or will be brought in by a designer who will pay for them. Celebrities who have brand endorsements or who work within fashion will easily get sponsored, so models there are pretty much all being covered by whoever they wear. It’s a big deal who is wearing what, especially at the MET Gala and its themes, so it’s publicity for the brand for someone to walk up wearing them. It doesn’t matter if they’re wearing or affiliated with whoever they’re sitting with because no one sees the seating arrangements, it’s not about publicity it’s about connections and schmoozing or maybe sitting with friends depending on who you are. 

                                         an artistic exhibition

              in which hanschen hates art musems and ernst is the best

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Examining the breadth and depth of thirty-five years of work by Jeff Koons, one of the most influential and controversial artists of the twentieth century, the Jeff Koons: A Retrospective exhibition catalogue features all of the artist’s most well-known pieces. 

Read the introductory essay by curator Scott Rothkopf on


NAME. ospramiel
BIRTH NAME. mu-yeol rhee ( 이무열 ) 
NICKNAMES. ozzy, os; osprey
ALIASES. ospramiel jeon on legal documents
AGE. approximately 1500 years; appears 20
GENDER/PRONOUNS. male, he/him/his
BIRTHDAY. june 30th
HOMETOWN. likes to say it’s dublin, ireland
NATIONALITY. claims irish, but he’s making it up as he goes tbh
SPECIES. angel
OCCUPATION. archivist in various art musems
ORIENTATION. greysexual/panromantic


MBTI. isfj
STARSIGN. cancer
MORAL ALIGNMENT. neutral good
INTELLIGENCE TYPE. existential, interpersonal, linguistic
SKILLS/ABILITIES. focuses on artistic inspiration, protection of travelers and artisans; specific ability to recall historical events


HEIGHT. 5′ 10″
BODY TYPE. athletic
EYE COLOR. dark brown
ACCENT. irish; dublin dialect
PIERCINGS. one in each ear
SCARS. a faint line running from his right collar bone and ending on his shoulder blade


During the nearly fifteen years that Vincent Punch has been a guard at the Whitney, he has seen myriad exhibitions, snapped countless candid photos, and developed a distinct eye for spontaneous visual arrangements that take place every day in the galleries. In this Whitney Stories video, he shares his observations on working as a guard, and offers his unique perspective on the Whitney and its future.

The installation for Shaping a Collection: Five Decades of Gifts is well underway! Here’s Andy Warhol’s Ethel Scull 36 Times at the final stage of installation. Each photograph is a discreet panel and the panels of each row are fixed together. The rows are installed from the bottom up.

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