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October 20, 2017


By El Mac, Mando Rascón, and Pablo Luna

In the 1990’s Mando Rascón and Pablo Luna were known as pioneers of graffiti in Phoenix. Miles MacGregor, aka El Mac, now living in California, was excited to take some time in 2015 to paint with them again on this Van Buren Street location, close to all the long-gone landmarks he remembers walking by as a child in Arizona. In the center of an outer image painted by Luna, and a ring of intricate lettering-inspired design by Rascón, El Mac’s figure stands as a beautiful homage to, and for, the people of Phoenix—made all the more meaningful when the owner of another property where he originally planned to paint the work had “hesitation about putting up a person of any noticeable ethnicity.” Despite such encounters El Mac continues to profess his love for Phoenix but says the city should be “proud of its diverse cultural population and indigenous history.”  @mac_arte  @mandorascon  @atodamuerte  


Nowy Sącz
ul. Broniewskiego 8
„Kolej na Ciebie”
autorzy: Mariusz „Mgr Mors” Brodowski, Banan, Kifu
wykonanie w pierwszym tygodniu czerwca 2016 r.
foto z dnia 17 września 2016

Mural powstał z inicjatywy i na zbiorowe zamówienie mieszkańców bloku - pracowników kolei i potomków kolejarzy. Numer parowozu - 1313 - jest odwołaniem do numeru rzeczywistej maszyny, którą przed laty prowadził ojciec jednego z lokatorów. Artyści pracowali tylko za koszt farby.


Nowy Sącz, Poland
8 Broniewskiego St.
“It’s Your Turn”
authors: Mariusz “Mgr Mors” Brodowski, Banan, Kifu
realized in the first week of June 2016
taken on 17 September 2016

The mural was a group idea and commission of the house’s dwellers - railway workers and descendants of railway workers. The locomotive’s number - 1313 - is a nod toward the number of a real machine that years ago was operated by one of the residents’ father. The artists agreed to work for nothing but the cost of paint.

The title is a pun. “Kolej” in Polish means “railway”, but also “[someone’s] turn”.

Disclaimer: I am not the author of the art itself; I own only the photos.