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Drew a sad little comic of a “Kakyoin comes back alive” AU. Not sure if this really counts as that kind of AU though.

(Been thinking about Jotaro thinking about getting to grow up and pursue a career and start a family when Kak died so young.)
World Taekwondo Federation changes name over 'negative connotations'
The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) changes its name to World Taekwondo because of the "negative connotations".


All my 11 years of being a martial artist I have always been affiliated with the WTF (and several other federations) and now it’s officially changed its name. It was… an unfortunate abbreviation but I’m also kinda laughing just a little bit that it got bad enough that the higher-ups actually had to change its name. I gotta ask my master about this tomorrow lol