art meet up

       (FLASHBACK~! 4 years ago…)

Chat:  We should just… hang out sometime!  Just… to bond, y'know? We should become better friends.

Ladybug (blushing intensifies): I’d like that… But… what do you want to do?

Chat:  I don’t know… what do you like to do with your friends?

Ladybug:  Well… I like video games!

Chat:  Me too!  But wait… I don’t think we can get away with sneaking a television out of our homes.  What else?

Ladybug:  Well, I like fashion too.  Sometimes my best friend and I give each other makeovers!

Chat:  Youuu… want to give me a makeover?

Ladybug (excitedly): Oh!!!  C-can I???

Chat (caving at the first puppy-dog eyed look from LB, chuckles): Knock yourself out, Little Lady.

Ladybug (stops breathing, gasps, squees dramatically, hugs him): Oh Chat, I can’t wait!!!

       (Later On…)

Ladybug: W-wow! Your hair is so soft! Are your parents like hairdressers or something?

Chat: Haha, nothing like that. I guess I’m just lucky?

Ladybug: Totally! I’d kill to have hair this soft!

Chat: I could buy you some of the conditioner I use.

Ladybug (whispers): I love you…

Chat: What?

Ladybug: What?

Have a little sneak peek at what’s coming up on the next part of our When Duty and Desire Meet collab for our Older!Chat AU: Ladybug and Chat Noir’s origin story!  This drabble was written by both @midnightstarlightwrites and myself! <3


happy duster + ket for @jaune-valjeen and chess! (he repaints his armor constantly because he can’t decide on anything) because i made myself (and you) sad by talking about him last night and THEN i dreamed about cats and also duster. apparently he sleeps curled up in a ball who knew


bless you, josephine montilyet, for dealing with your giant terrible girlfriend


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But listen— underwater kisses between Dazai and Atsushi.

Maybe it’s dramatic, where Dazai lets himself fall into the ocean and Atsushi jumps after him, two bodies plunging into the water; Atsushi’s hands grappling the lapels of an all-too-familiar trench coat in order to bring the elder up to the surface, but the response he gets are Dazai’s own hands framing his face, dark eyes fixing him an unreadable stare before there were lips on his, long and slow, and Atsushi feels like suffocating for a whole different reason.

Maybe it’s playful, where they’re taking long walks on the beach, barefooted and with the sun descending over the horizon; Atsushi takes his eye off Dazai to admire the view for a few minutes and sure enough, the moment he looks back to where Dazai stood, the man has already moved to the sea, waist-deep. Atsushi chases after him and is about to say something about Dazai’s latest attempt at submersion when Dazai turns around, a deceptively sweet grin on his face, and Atsushi finds himself being pulled into the sea by Dazai beneath him. A small peck is delivered to Atsushi’s lips before they submerged, and Atsushi is ready to question Dazai’s action but he is caught off-guard by the melodious chuckle that escapes from Dazai’s mouth, the water droplets dripping from his brown hair, and the way the sunset’s light falls upon the man.

Maybe it’s something else entirely, where Atsushi is the one drowning, fighting to swim up, and there’s hands pulling him towards the land. A coughing and panting Atsushi comes face-to-face with Dazai, both drenched. After making sure that Atsushi is okay, Dazai says something along the lines of, “I have passed up a chance to do suicide, so you better make it up with either a kiss or a suicide with me, Atsushi-kun,” and his tone is light, allowing Atsushi to escape if he wants, but Atsushi doesn’t, not after what Dazai’s done, and so Atsushi surges forward, presses his lips against Dazai’s, and it’s not exactly an underwater kiss but—it’s enough. It’s always more than enough.

Just. Underwater kisses between Dazai and Atsushi. 

Hannibal wrote quickly on his pad of paper and showed it to Will.

‘What are you?’

“A puppy.” Will said, blushing already. He expected Hannibal to laugh like all the other kids. But he didn’t. He nodded, smiling and nice and Will did not know what to do with that. Will skittered to change the subject. “W-What are you supposed to be?”


“Oh.” Will eyed his horns and his long, long tail that curled around him. “That’s cool.”

Hannibal smiled widely. 'I thought so too.’

Hannigram Halloween AU where kid!Will takes kid!Hannibal out on his first Trick or Treating (Hannibal is mute and new to the neighborhood and Will is an awkward lil thing with an itchy homemade costume. Crushes are quickly developed.)

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