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Welcome to City Hall

um. so i have a lot of sentiment attached to this picture, since it was maybe the first properly completed piece of art i’ve done in a few years (i know i’ve uploaded things recently, but it took a while to get this scanned). sometimes you get stuck in a rut and then a spark of inspiration comes along that kicks you up the backside until you go find your watercolour set, and for me that spark was the MBMBaM tv show, apparently. episode 2 is probably my favourite, and the scene with Mayor Williams (if i may call you Mayor Williams) is one of many many many highlights.

there’s lots of little errors that i keep picking up on (i was Extremely Rusty especially in the inking department) but mainly i’m just very proud of finishing this and i hope it makes someone smile like the show made me smile (eg. like a big goof).

Daredevil meets 1990 Stephen King’s IT

[Frank Miller’s Daredevil Vol. 1 #183 (1982) Homage/Recreation]

(The Line it is Drawn #358: Superheroes vs. Stephen King’s It!)

Artist by Marco D’Alfonso (AKA M7781)

Sorry I haven’t uploaded anything in over a week! I’ve been really sick and have had to deal with other stuff. But as a repayment I made you an prnicess and the frog au beacuse it’s not like I have 1000 other au’s that I never work on.

For those who wonder it’s basically the princess and the frog but swaped with overwatch characters. It’s my favorite movie and I really tought it fit, I am probably going to do some screencap redraws as well!

X-Men vs Teen Titans (color)

dream match ups… i know what you’re thinking, but robin was trained by the bat, he can handle logan. cleaned this up a little, and did a really fast color overlay. 


Why is love so painful
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