art lord and the self portraits


For Just One Wish

want a couple dollars to Millions,
poverty beginnings,
relationships ending,
humble are you kiddin,
wrong decisions,
tragic endings,
why am I living,
if you knew what I been in,
I’m every thing defining sin,
my personality has a twin,
you may have met him,
all I got is this paper and pin,
but yet they say I offend,
maybe if I had a wish,
okay I think I’ll make a list,
and I insist that these things of it consist,
depression don’t exist,
everyone happy to coexist,
Rolex on my wrist,
with a twist,
gold and diamonds in my ears,flash so crisp,
and up in da horizon,it starts to brighten,
and whiten everything,
it’s shinnin,
mind inlightend,
confidence of a titan,
stayin high as Mount Zion,
nobody around me that I love dying,
no more pain and crying,
no lying,
sell dope,
nope only buying,
I hear a voice loud in my head, and behind my reflection in da mirror a blur of red,
devil said,
“"okay all this I can give you, just cut your finger and sign in red,
and you don’t owe me nothing until after you’re dead,
I’ll give you everything,
everybody will know your name,
money and fame,
secrets to the game,”“
and what about the pain,
”“ youll have no more hurt, no more sorrow, everything you could ever wish for begins tomorrow”“,
wake up my eyes glossy,
wrist so frosty,
out side my gates flashin cameras from paparazzi,
a brand-new murdered out black Bugatti,
alrighty, it seems like as if I’ve introduced myself into the Illuminati,
did I do something I’ll regret,
the voice, shit,
don’t forget to me you owe a debt,
and I’m on my knees,
oh Lord please,
he tricked me,
he said to him I’m in debt,
if you get me outa of this my life is yours to direct,
I follow and trust your plan,
I promise I won’t be foolish again,
in JESUS name AMEN


This is just a friendly reminder that Sir Joshua Reynolds totally rocked the colour red.

From top:

  • “George, 2nd Earl Harcourt, his wife Elizabeth, and brother William”, 1780
  • “Portrait of Elizabeth Johnson”, ca. 1780
  • “Sir David Lindsay, 4th Bart of Evelick”, 1759
  • “Self-portrait”, 1772-73
  • “Lady Worsley”, 1776
  • “Stephen Croft, Junior”, 1760
  • “Colonel George K. H. Coussmaker, Grenadier Guards”, ca. 1770-80
  • “Portrait of Lord Robert Spencer”, 1769
  • “John Parker and his sister Theresa”, 1779
  • “Portrait of Sir Abraham Hume”, 1783


granted, i am still figuring out how PayPal works because i just got it a few weeks ago, so my first commissioner will have the honor of walking me through the payment process! i’m sure i’ll have it down with a few tries. anyways, as I said, message me if you have any questions at all!  i look forward to drawing some great pieces for you lovely people!


I noticed you guys enjoyed the comparison of my oldest and newest drawings, hence I decided to show you works that illustrate my progress the best.

Above you can see a comparison of 2002/2003 Harry Potter related drawings and one from 2011 -  it shows the way I’ve gone through to get to the point where I am now - or rather I already was in 2011. Wasn’t easy, wasn’t quick, but was an undeniable pleasure.

How did it start? My story is pretty silly. I had always been very keen on drawing. My parents used to draw very well, too. But their skills didn’t make me encouraged to take drawing up seriously.
But in 2002 I met a girl who was quite talented, I liked the drawings which she showed me. I remember the angel and the set of tiny sketches that explain the moves of galloping horses. I was impressed and slightly jealous: therefore I decided to learn to draw like her. And I started practising.
The first portraits [Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings fan arts] weren’t very good, but I was determined to improve.

I didn’t have any doubt that I can do it - it sounds like stubbornness and too high self-confidence, but it wasn’t like that. Especially the latter one. Whatever it was, it helped me to improve my skills. The progress was slow, but visible. This is how I draw now:

The thing is, never give up! Don’t doubt in yourself, don’t doubt that you can achieve the higher level of skills, even if it doesn’t go well at the beginning. My progress took 13 years of aching neck, burning eyes, long hours, patience, regularity and devotion [not to mention hundreds of pencils and sheets of paper xD], but it might take you fewer years! Yes, you can do it, only if you truly want it and are prepared to practice a lot!


‘The wind ran frigid over the elleth’s neck, yet it was not the icy cold that prickled her hardy elven skin. Footprints in the snow. Smudges of handprints in the ice that covered the trees. The scrunching of snow beneath the sole of a shoe floated through the air. The smell of orc.

She whirled, her blade flashing out in the dim twilight. Her red cape swirled, whirling in shadows and flecking bits of powdered snow around her ankles. She should not have wandered out looking for him, alone and with only a distant ancestor’s dulled sword to protect her. She should have waited. She should have been patient.’

This is my submission for the Tolkien Inspired group’s contest 'If I were a Tolkien Character’ 2016 contest on DeviantArt. Basically, it is me as a Tolkien elf. I used the Procreate app on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to create this piece. I took inspiration from the elves of Mirkwood, the latest Star Wars Movie (because I loved Rey) and myself… obviously. heh.

I envisioned myself as an elf, descended from the warriors of Mirkwood and born late in the fourth age. Most elves have departed Middle Earth and sailed west, but a small faction is left in Ithilien. The world has turned into somewhat of a dystopian wasteland, with fortresses and kingdoms lying in ruin, prey to bands of hideous creatures that roam the countryside unchecked. Elves have lost most of their magic, only barely remembering their history and ancestors. All that is left are mere trinkets of the past; an ornate ring, a dulled sword… All remnants of a bygone age that has been lost to the ravages of time. 

If you would like to commission such an artwork, visit plotbunniesincolour. Please like and reblog!! <3

anonymous asked:

I am guilty of fantasizing and daydreaming about my future husband all that. Emma's post "Charmed" really summed me up pretty well. What I was wondering was how do I do overcome this? I know it's not good but idk how to change? How do I let the Lord give me my sense of beauty, love, and identity?? Sorry if someone already asked this question, if so you can just post the link. But thanks in advance! Love you all, love this blog, and I love how you all do the lord's work. God bless. X

Hey anon. I want you to know that first of all, you are not alone. I struggle with this daily, which is part of the reason that I wrote the post “charmed” in the first place.

In this world that we live in we are constantly surrounded and bombarded with imagers and standards of how we “should” look. We have the idea and the picture of the “perfect” woman and we judge ourselves based on that idea. And that’s dangerous territory. Letting the Lord give you your sense of beauty, love and identity begins with understanding that He created you.

Think of it this way… Imagine yourself as a painting, a portrait. God is the painter and he labored and worked so hard on creating you, He got every detail right and He made sure that everything was how just how He wanted it to be. Now, because God’s character is purely good, He cannot give or make anything that is incongruent with His character; meaning, that as a product of God, you are good.

Now, imagine your portrait self in an art gallery. Imagine you are a visitor to the gallery and are looking at the portrait of yourself. The portrait might not be your favorite painting you’ve ever seen - in fact, you might like another portrait more - totally okay. There are plenty of “portraits” (people) that I like to look at more than myself. So let’s say that you begin to criticize this portrait, you start to say negative things about it, you start to think poorly of it, you might not even want to look at it or believe it’s worth anything.

Now, imagine saying those things in front of the painter. Any piece of art was created by someone, whether that piece of art is us that was created by God or if it’s the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci. You wouldn’t want to insult the artist by picking apart all the things you didn’t like about the painting because the artist worked so hard on the painting. Imagine someone walking up to da Vinci and being like, “bro, why did you make her look so sad? It’s the Mona Lisa SMILE”. Not only would that be incredibly courageous, but it’d also be awkward. Da Vinci would of course defend the Mona Lisa because He made it exactly how he wanted it to be.

That’s how God is with us too. Whenever we say, “Ugh, God why do I look like this? Why can’t my nose be smaller and my stomach be flatter and my hair be longer?”, God’s all like “dude, nawh. I made you perfectly. You’re exactly how I want you to be and if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be you”. God worked so hard on you. He created you to be exactly the person He wants you to be and He created you perfectly. Let me repeat that. God created you perfectly.

Letting the Lord give you your sense of beauty, love and identity begins with realizing that who you are is perfect. You are not too much of anything or not enough of something. You have all the aspects that you need to be exactly the person that God made you to be.
That’s a hard concept to wrap your head around - I get it. I think sometimes it becomes easier to accept those things when we hear it from a boy. When someone of the opposite gender sees those things in us it becomes easier to believe those things about ourselves. When they like our carefully edited instagram selfies or compliment our appearances, we get it. Our identity and beauty is confirmed through them and sometimes if we don’t hear those things from guys then we start to believe they must not be true.

I think what it comes down to is understanding who God made you to be. You are not “less” of a person if you never get married and you won’t automatically be more happy or successful if you do get married. It actually says in the Bible that being single can be more effective in ministry - but don’t get caught up in that. Once you begin to understand and begin to accept and love the person that you are in the Lord, your misplaced desire for the need to hear those things from guys will fade away. You will come to know that you are beautiful and worthy and loved because you were created by God and you won’t rely on that external confirmation because you will have an internal and eternal knowledge and understanding of just who you are in Christ,

Bless you if you read that all - it’s late and I’m a little rusty with answering questions. Don’t mind the scattered-ness. I hope that helps!

- 31Women (Emma)