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heckofabecca  asked:

Top five of your own pieces of art!

What a lovely prompt becca, thank you <3

1. My submissions to the @aoaanthology​ are currently my fave pieces, especially the Tar-Míriel one! I think the tree could be better, but I still like it.

2. This drawing of Morwen and Rían I made for Jess <3 <3

3. this Treebeard <3

4. sadly it’s very sketchy and unfinished, but I make myself emotional with this Faithful Family series :~

5. it’s not finished, it’s sketchy, it’s old - but i still love this morwen and baby túrin

also this other personal fave…it’s not very finished but I’m very fond of this drawing of Tar-Míriel


Hear the experts explain how Robert Rauschenberg blazed a new trail for art in the second half of the twentieth century.

From paintings including flashing lights to a stuffed angora goat, Rauschenberg’s appetite for incorporating things he found in the streets of New York knew no limits. Pop art silkscreen paintings of Kennedy sit alongside 1000 gallons of bentonite mud bubbling to its own rhythm. Rauschenberg even made a drawing which was sent to the moon.

Cuyler Smith takes shot at Blue Chips with his actual Neon Boudeaux trading card. See the whole collection of limited edition art cards, part of our newest exhibit, here:


Uwueuwie this took longer than usual I’m sorry :v

Aged up!Yuri wanted to look cool with Otabek’s biker gang look but he ended up looking v cute

Edit: their hairstyles are based off @istehlurvz ’s designs ofc

A little something I did for @crystalwitches‘s glorious occult AU ~

Thanks mom for blessing us with your art !! And for being such an inspiration~ ✨ ✨ ✨