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🌿 [14 / 12 / 16] • Week One 🌿

This week has been going really well! I bought a leuchtturm to use as a bullet journal and it’s helped me a lot to know what to do and get it done. Now I just have to get through the rest of the week and keep trying to be productive.

~ Reese 🍵

You are the moon
and you are the stars,
you’re so much more
and the sun above,

you are meant
to light my path,
you are meant
to guide me through the dark,

you are beauty
and you are grace,
you are so much more
than a pretty face,

you are bright
and you’re complete,
you are full
and what I need.

—  // you
And maybe I didn’t realize
I was in love with you before
because it is something
as natural as breathing;
you do it completely subconsciously
but once you start thinking about it,
you notice
that you’ve been doing it all along.
—  // a poem of love

….I went a little overboard with the decorating of the new bullet journal 😅 but i mean, wouldn’t you with this washi tapes???? I’m v busy setting up for next year and I just wanna go back to Pittsburgh tbh but I have to wait til after New Years cuz I’m driving friendos back. Which is totally fine! I’m just a little stir crazy at home 😬 stay safe and beautiful everyone! And Merry christmas and Happy Chanukah and Happy Holidays! 🌸🌺🌼

What if I will never be brave enough
to show anyone the deepest part of my heart?
What if I’m too afraid
to let anyone close enough
to get to know the unknown part of my soul?
To tell them my safest secrets
or let them be around
when I am at my worst?
—  // I am scared of losing a loved one but for you, I’m willing to take the risk