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45/100 days of productivity + SAT 9.24.16 // 3:48pm

theme of the week: claude monet. september artist (4/4);;;; finishing off this month’s artist theme with monet’s pretty color palletes +++ got evaluated on taking vitals last week;;; will be evaluated on intraoral and extraoral exams + chair set-up and clean-up next week! work those gloves  ಥ⌣ಥ

А я всё пытаюсь закончить свой молескин до 1 октебря, ибо тогда начнётся инктобер и маркерами рисовать будет вломXD Ну а так сегодня ещё буду крутить суши вечером в новых штанах. Потому что могуXD А ещё сегодня целый день смотрю обзоры скетчь буков и мне всю дорогу холодно, у меня руки, ноги и нос как ледышки…

Weekend Sketchbook Challenges #39

This week we are: drawing what’s underneath!

This is about drawing the structure underneath something, so you could draw the chassis of a car or the foundations of a building. Or, you could draw the skeleton underneath the skin which is what I’ve done! 

There’s this famous painting of Napoleon, (I think possibly by Jacques-Louis David?) where he just looks like a mound of clothing with a head propped on top. And that was because the artist lost sense of the structure underneath (in this case, the actual human body) and got a bit muddled in the extravagant robes and textures. This isn’t to say it’s a bad painting, but it is a good illustration of what happens when you don’t keep what’s underneath in mind. And if you’re trying to get a realistic image, then this gets to be really important in shaping your drawing. 

So, the structure underneath. I went with bones, which you can see below, an animal skull in particular and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing what you guys go with on this challenge!