I had a fairly significant birthday in November. :)

And I really wish I hadn’t started from the same color point for both numbers. D’oh.

Kuretake brush pen, Winsor & Newton alcohol markers, kosher salt resist.

Weekend Sketchbook Challenge #50

This week we are: drawing/painting something seasonal!

This may have been inspired by the fact that we just put our Christmas tree up, but that doesn’t mean that you have to paint something festive, or even winter-themed. It just has to be something seasonal, and you can pick any season you want! 

And seasonal could mean all sorts of things. You could go for the classic rust-red autumn leaves, or a Christmas tree, or flowers for spring, the sun for summer. Or you could go more personal - something you always wear in a particular season, something you love to eat, a tradition that you have. You could even go abstract - paint the colours of each season without actually putting anything figurative in the scene. If you don’t fancy drawing then write - write about a memory that you associate with summer, or how spring rain makes you feel. 

Don’t let worries about your skill as an artist limit your choice of subject matter for this. Pick a subject and go for it. Not sure if you can depict that insanely detailed winter scene of you building a snowman? You won’t know unless you try. And you’ll also never get better unless you try. So ignore any doubts you have a give it a go. And remember: it seriously doesn’t matter if it’s ‘good’ or not. 

So, my examples are below: a flower for summer, because that’s when I love going out into the garden and planting things and watching them grow, and a slightly tired-looking bobble hat girl for winter - because that’s how I always think I look in winter! 

As always, tag me in your drawings to see them on the blog, and good luck! 


Goodbye! hahaha, yeah this is one of the sketchbooks I made and its almost filled. Only has around 4 pages left in it. How? since I started making comics again, I write out the script first then do A LOT of thumbnailing. Apparently those 2 things can take up a lot of space. Had no choice but to make a new one, though refillable for convenience.

Posted some of the first drawings I made of Peridot and Lapis as well back when I was getting a feel for their characters. Would have posted some of the last drawings buuuut those contained spoilers to the comic I’m making now heheh.


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