Actually I’m 30 minutes early (it’s 11:30 pm here), but I can’t wait to share my new pages made with the prompts of journaling-junkie! April journal challenge is great, I will definitely participate and do as many pages as I can, cause all the tasks are interesting and inspiring 📒

I need you like an insomniac needs black coffee with three extra espresso shots at 6am.
I want you like an alcoholic wants 12 glasses of wine in one single sitting.
I crave you like one craves summer after 6 months of unbearable winter.
I long for you like I long for air after jumping off of the poolside and taking forever to float back up;
long for the taste of your lips, pressed against mine, to feel the warm electricity of your body plunging from you, onto me; captivating, paralyzing me in the moment.
Loving you is like trying to explain what water tastes like; trying to teach a blind person what the color blue looks like…
Loving you is simply indescribable.
There’s no way to explain how much I WANT you, how much I NEED you,  how much I CRAVE you… no string of words is deserving enough of you.
This feeling, it’s like cold coffee in the morning, and late night drives, and everything wonderful all packed together into one, and even then, it’s never enough to describe the feeling of love.
What I feel for you is deep, bone chilling, chest heaving, head over heels, LOVE.
More breathtaking than anything I’ve ever felt before.
—  Who knew something so lovely could be so painful

anonymous asked:

What's a creative journal? I write every day in my journal but I feel like I don't get creative enough, I just write. Any ideas?

A journal is in itself a creative form of self-expression, only entries included. But, a “creative journal” is a journal that you write entries in as well as any other things you might like to add. 

Here are some ideas for you that you might experiment with: 

1. Smashbook. A journal in which you paste odds and ends, pictures and descriptions, cloth patterns, and keepsakes. It is a lot like a scrapbook, except a bit more personal. 

2. Burn Book. If you are the type that needs to vent, this is the journal for you. Paste the pictures of the people you dislike and write out your angsty words to your heart’s content. (Think Mean Girls.) Hopefully, this isn’t what you need. 

3. Art Journal. Use paints, watercolors, crayons, and stencils to bring vibrant self-expression to your life. 

4. List Making Journal.  This is simply a place where you can keep your grocery lists, bucket lists, and a list of all your favorite things. I recommend list making because it allows you to dig deeper and challenge yourself to think about who you are from the inside out. 

5. Travel Journal. Snap pictures as you voyage the world and observe its strange and wondrous people, places, and things. Post the pictures of your adventures in your journal or on your online blog and write a story about your experience or a simple description. Some even venture as far as to sketch a map of the country they traveled to. 

I took the liberty of looking up another helpful link for you. (*Note: this link is not mine and I give full credit to the writers who made this site possible for journalists.)

I hope this helped. Good luck to you on your journey to find your creative journalistic spark!