art is useless because


Another pregnant zhanna doodles



I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.

Here’s a high fantasy sweet elite au that no one asked for :’)

(yo if anyone likes this au and wants to do their own take on it and makes something, plz tag me)


cheschire-kaat said:okay but dUde I really need like Siegrain showing Erza baby Jellal pictures just to embarrass him/piss him off YES


Needs a bit of work still but we are getting closer. I’ll rework my file and see if I can get the claws to print tomorrow. The back is flat so it can sit upside down and hold stuff but it isn’t weighted right and tips too. Happy with the face at least.

I’ll still paint this little guy and add fur down the spine in the mean time! Prepare for tiny shimada noodle dragons!

pastellipastels  asked:

You drew Chip! You drew him! I would type in all caps out of happiness but I will keep calm so nobody gets scared off. But you drew Chip, i can't even tell you how happy I am to see that. First thing I see and just, yes! :D

i did!!! and you know what, i had so much fun with it that i’m going to draw him again

it’s a pity he’s only interacted with pidge twice ever (or three times if you count Voltron Force), i would have loved to see them do more together because they’re both so sweet and blood families are hard to come by in voltron. 

we’ve already seen pidge break down over missing his parents, so, like… give him back his brother already??? let them hug??? i didn’t sign up for a five-second-long background frame of them shaking hands, where are my aggressively snuggly sibling hugs and eagerly introducing each other to the rest of their teams

I wanted to inform you that @diegoleonhardt104 is reposting my art. I left him two messages from yesterday, asking him to please delete the post, he hasn´t asked me for permission and he has´tt given any credits. I told him that if he didn´t, I would report him. I just discovered that he blocked me, but I’ve looked at his profile from another account and my reposted art is still there. I´ve complied with my word and I have denounced his post to Tumblr Support. I’ve seen that previously he reblogged some of my fanarts, why doesn´t it still do the same instead of repost?


Ah, and it´s useless to put credits, because in spite of everything I HAVEN´T GIVEN YOU PERMISSION. IF YOU´RE READING ME, DELETE THE POST BEFORE TUMBLR SUPPORT ACTS


he’s going to put on the cape


Eridan has mustard blood and does a lot of feeling sorry for himself. He wants a lot more than what he has, and nobody seems to understand that he deserves it. he hangs around with feferi and karkat, and joins in with their excited attempts at social justice when they won’t pay attention to him. he has made so many halfhearted posters for various causes that he’s actually gotten pretty good at designing them its impressive but he doesn’t care at all and just wishes he could play guitar but never practices.

he can hear the voices of the dead. he mostly tunes them out because they scare him half to death. he’d never admit that, though. I mean, ok, he told feferi, and karkat figured it out immediately because eridan is not subtle, but whenever they bring it up he just tells them he doesn’t care oh mmyy goooood you are not my mom im fiiiine jesus chhhrriiiiiiiist and they give up with that.

he doesn’t dress up as much because people tend to think he looks like a jerk and he gets jumped a lot, and feferi told him to quit it because she was done with him coming over tired and bruised. just to be clear, he wins the fights, though, his psiionics can get pretty nasty.

also he uses his psiionics for literally everything, he is so lazy its actually hilarious.

he goes over to equius’ house sometimes, if he is particularly done with feferi and karkat being so GOOD HEARTED all the time, and spends an hour or two talking about or designing blueprints for canons or doomsday devices. he has a small portfolio full of these plans that he’s taken from equius and actually could be quite dangerous if he ever decided. but let’s be real if he went rogue and staged the coup he wants, feferi and karkat would probably hate him and that’s worse than having a couple of blue faced jerks spit at him.

Got in a screaming argument with my girlfriend about reds because she tried to say her project of ~supporting hypersensitives through the power of art~ was more important than helping reds

I was like “can your art stop people from MURDERING BABIES because if not it is USELESS”

she said that she didn’t understand why I was so upset, it’s sad of course, but it wasn’t like they were hurting purples or something really bad like that

I wish I had said something coherent but I actually said “fuck you” and broke down crying