art is the word

I’m not sure why
I’m not sure how
not sure what
brought you to me
but all I can say
is between you and me
I’ll love you darling
til last I breathe.
And I will lie
here with you,
forever forgetting
the sun as it sets.
For you are my star
and you are my home.
I’ll love you, love you
for ever and ever.
I’m not one for promises but
I’m sure of you
so I don’t mind so much.
And here with you
is where I’ll be
and where I’ll always
want to stay.
I love you, dear
and please don’t forget
that my love for you
knows no bounds.
Constellations on your skin,
a thousand lights
I always love,
like you
like you
oh my dear
I love you so.
—  3/27/17 5:57 AM, I love you

Twenty One Pilots is so colorful.

The shows are red. The shows are the color of headlights through the rain, the rims of your eyes after you cry, the feeling a shout gives you. They are crimson and bright, bleeding into the heart and souls of those who can witness it.

The people are magenta and yellow, green and brown. Josh’s voice is pink-red filtered with yellow. He is summer. Tyler’s mind is green, to remind us of the trees he once screamed to. His heart is brown, for brown is made up of all the colors. And while others may call it an ugly color, I know it is a burden of an overflowing mind.

The memories are blue. Moonlight filtering through ocean waves. It is the light in the drowning, in the swimming. Memories are what remain of old shows, old speeches, old tweets, old faces. The memories are so, so blue. 

And then there is the music. It filters in where the other colors cannot reach, and therefore binds them all together. It is a pallet of broken hearts and teary eyes. A painting composed of final triumphs, and written words. It its visible when nothing else seems to be.

This is a colorful band.

I fell first for a boy who didn’t know up from down. He didn’t mind that fact either. He was stubborn and blissfully ignorant that one day his bad decisions would catch up to him and that he’d continue his family’s trend of dead end jobs and sad marriages.

I fell next for a boy who made me excited and always made me feel like I was on the verge of screaming. He would know every way to make me tick, and oh God how I loved that feeling. He knew me and knew how to make me feel like everything was possible and I was a gift.

I fell again for a boy with golden hair and ocean eyes. I mention his physical features because that’s all I cared about; he was gorgeous and inappropriate and childish and fun. He made me uncomfortable, but I still, to this day, think he wanted more from me, but I discounted myself as not good enough for this perfect boy.

I tried to fall once again for a boy with ambition and drive, but it was forced. I tried to work myself backwards to the feeling of everything that the other boy gave me, but I realized that it isn’t attainable without the boy that made me feel everything.

Every decision I make in life, every turn I take, he’s always there, staring at me in the back of my mind. I know that we were supposed to be something. I can feel it and my heart aches for it every single day. I’d be lying if I said that if he showed up in my life again tomorrow that I could carry on like nothing had changed; if he showed up tomorrow, everything would change, everything would be better and more intense and I would finally beat down this harsh feeling of lingering “what ifs”.

—  MJG // Spilling my soul for the boy who made me feel everything and not caring about errors.

“You have a fever, you are going to stay in bed, I’ll take care of everything.” Zah says with a sigh. He tucks Davin in with a blanket and smiles gently. “I’ll get you more blankets.”

Zaharian taking care of Davin. @amarearts <3

Take One/Leave One

You put your heart out there.
All at once but in pieces.
You advertise to the point,
“Take one, Leave one…”
A lot of people will come along.
Some won’t even give your heart a glance.
Some will stop, admire it and take that piece that they’ve been missing.
Some will give their extra pieces, displaying them neatly on the table for you.
Others will not.
They will continue to take those pieces of you that are most important, never once considering the emptiness that will ensue if they do not reciprocate.
Alas, you didn’t think about this did you?
Put one piece out there and make the person who wants the rest of them, earn them.

The Prosen One