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Doctor’s Little Helper.

[Whats happening: In an attempt to creatively deliver the toy to Dr. Schneeplestein, Shawn Flynn thought it’d be clever to stuff the toy in his shirt and fake faint. As the Doc panicked, he began performing CPR, but then discovered a strange lump and found the doll. He was not amused.]

He did keep the doll, however. He decided it brought a bit more color to his mundane desk.

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Inktober day 15


full piece of my life is strange au for @yoiauzine !!


Sparks for the first time, 

Your eyes as pure as the night sky 

aka I listened to this song on repeat for hours while painting this and got emotional. listen to it and look at this. you will Understand. 

the ‘oh shit’ moment where lance realises he might just be a little bit in love with keith

         The words you speak light the fire in my dark world

                                                     you are my hero

                                                     you are my king

                                               never stop what you do