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When you’re trying to make your ex-best friend not think about things like you betraying your friends and hurting their feelings but he’s too smart for that shit

This is a line from my favorite book Grasshopper Jungle which is the funniest and the most fucked up thing you will ever read. Also the main character reminds me of Jeremy because he is horny 100% of the time and doesn’t deserve his best friend

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A “Check, Please!”/“Waitress” crossover featuring adorable pie-baking waiter Bitty and the very sweet, pie-loving Dr. Zimmermann <3

“Hold me tight as I tell myself that you might make sense
And make good what has been just so bad
Let’s see this through
It’s a pretty good bad idea
Me and you”

-Waitress musical


Robert Rauschenberg | HOW TO SEE the artist with composer David Lang

A virtuoso of the most difficult piano music sitting on stage in silence. Fluorescent lights repurposed as instruments. Pulitzer prize-winning composer David Lang looks back on how Robert Rauschenberg’s “relentlessly collaborative” spirit impacted pioneering experimental musicians of the New York School including David Tudor, John Cage, and Christian Wolff. 


The Girl of my Dreams.