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I’ve wanted to draw me and some of my friends in Heathers style for a while now, and then i noticed that there’s literally nothing stopping me

First one is me as one of the heathers, then @cha-ray as a quarterback, then @dexvampire as something similar to Jason uvu

I enjoyed making my last art sequence so I decided to make another one! I’m calling it that because I don’t think it counts as animation XD

Because both @therealjacksepticeye and I hit a milestone around a similar time, mine being smaller of course, I decided to celebrate it with this little picture story! :D

I don’t know what gave me this idea… and it’s probably not my best art ever but it took hours and hours to make! I hope you like it anyway ^-^

deathbyextremefangirling  asked:

Do you have any regrets in life? Such as not being able to drink as much slushies as you wish you could have before you died? By the way I feel you deserve one, but I'm gonna be an asshole -Hands coupon for slushie that expires in one day-

That’s what happens when you fall into an unrequited, obsessive love. Don’t do it, kids.

Thanks for the expired coupon for the nonexistent 7/11′s in the afterlife.