art is hard :c

A topic one of my friends and me talked about. She asked: “Why are the killers able to catch a survivor who’s running like mad and they’re just walking normally?!”

Here’s your answer Sherry.

I randomly chose Michael as killer for this comic (and because I never drew him…). Not that you think this topic is specifically about him, oh no. This goes for all of the killers.

Mickey Milkovich in The Casanova Catering Conflict.

(thank you to @steorie​ for this beautiful commission art!! ♥)

there was a point last year when i drew a lot of buckys w/ ponytails but i don’t think any of them ended up on my blog?? what a shame

mostly an excuse to practice trad inking, which i’m still new to. also has some photoshop thrown in b/c inking is hard ):

Grillby boi is finished ♪
I mixed lines for the clothing and oh my goodness why im painting fire lineless for the rest, I did some minor tweaks here and there from the roughs, but that doesn’t make the drawing good HA.

Lights are hard. Cool Grillby fan art, i tried C’:

No glasses ver under cut.

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Here he is!!
Here’s Jaune!
He’s Blumiere’s older brother and is currently ruling over the Tribe of Darkness as his brother had given their father a game over after all. 
He does his best to be a good ruler and is hoping for a more peaceful approach than what the tribe had previously. Though who knows.

alright, young artist PSA.

If you see a thread/journal/post, wherever, where a commissioner is offering to pay for someone to draw something, please don’t jump in and say you’ll do it for free. I know you’re trying to be nice, but it’s rude to the other artists. You might have just taken a job from another artist looking to make some money, and reinforced the notion that commissioners ‘shouldn’t have to pay’ for their art.

Please be considerate, look out for your fellow artists, and above all, remember your work has value and you deserve to be compensated for your time. B)b

Ronan Lynch in watercolor and gouache. This started out as a digital painting and… migrated.  

(It’s that thing I’ve been working on for the past week. WIP shots: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5])

we’re jerks okay

          LEAGUE OF AESTHETICS. 10 / ???         dedicated to @headshct.

                                        CAITLYN,  THE SHERIFF OF PILTOVER.

   ( this is not a promotion post for the mentioned blog. this is merely an edit. please keep that in mind ! )

white-rainbowff  asked:

Thrawn for C5 (his reaction when Veers flexes for him :3)

I didn’t think anyone was going to ask for Thrawn but i can always rely on @white-rainbowff for that ;v;! Changed up the first request just a bit since i already drew Eli in that expression. (I just wanted to draw Thrawn in bonus!)


Tidus Appreciation Week Day 3, 4, 5: Favourite Cameo, Quote, and Ship

Don’t get me wrong - I love Tidus for his bright personality - but a game where he was built solely on angst was quite the pleasant surprise. So to put this into context…

What if the Emperor didn’t show up in Dissidia Duodecim and the two did end up in a battle (uninterrupted by Jecht somehow lol) where he slowly regained his memories throughout the fight/every time he took a hit from Yuna.