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Shoutout to Traditional Artists

So, as I’m sure most all of you lovely people have noticed, traditional or hand drawn art is going rather extinct on all platforms. It’s sad and upsetting that hard work done by hand and paper alone isn’t nearly as highly regarded as art that comes from a computer. This isn’t a journal about trashing digital art, but rather one where I would like to celebrate other traditional artists like myself. While digital art surely is wonderful in it’s own right, it just can’t quite come to the same level as… Oh where do I even START?

I want to take a moment to praise all of the other traditional artists out there who either don’t have the means to create digital art, or simply refuse to give in to the digital art world of today. Not a lot of people take time to congratulate traditional artists and their remarkable accomplishments that they create with paper and drawing utensils, so I’d like to take a moment to do just that. You, traditional artist, have been sharpening your eye for detail and tactile skills with pens and pencils like the artists of old. You don’t have a fancy software that can undo whole lines, duplicate and invert eyes, or color your artwork with the simple tap of a wacom pen. You’ve had to painstakingly draw every rough draft and second draft— just to erase it all after you’ve carefully fleshed and inked your piece— and that’s not even beginning to scratch the surface of painting, using colored pencils, inking with copic markers…

I just wanted to take a moment to reach out to all the other traditional artists out there who feel like their art isn’t good enough, or isn’t flashy enough, or isn’t worth anything because it wasn’t made using SAI, GIMP, or Photoshop. Your art is awesome no matter how you made it, or what platform you made it on.

Part 2 of the Caymanda WIP!

Dunno WHERE I’M GOIN with this cause usually I suck at this coloring style BUT OK

I blame @theishtar-sivacollective for the Amanda Cayde inspiration from those stupid “something that probably happened"s. IT GIVES ME STRENGTH-

also please don’t blame me i can’t draw boards; background stuff is for the real professionals ;_;

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*

Contrary to popular belief, they actually enjoy each other’s company and often have fun together

 Peony flowers - happy life (also happy marriage hmm)

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Okay so I was talking with @picnokinesis about the magic copier and how Ford and Fiddleford were both too big to copy themselves but then I thought about them copying a caricature of one of them and wondering if that’ll work? 

THEN I remembered that episode of Spongebob called Franklendoodle where there was a giant pencil and a doodle Spongebob and this bunch of stupid doodles were born xD Enjoy 


@incaseyouart ’s elf AU is amazing ?!?!

click for better quality || pose ref

anonymous asked:

Sorry, I want to follow you but I'm a bit worried. You're not an anti, right? I'm a shaladin shipper so I wouldn't like to mistakenly follow an anti, even if they draw really pretty art (antis are scary, and mean)

I’m not quite sure what characters are all involved in the shaladin ship, but you are completely safe here. (And I’m a bit shocked that you think I’m maybe an anti, since I can’t remember that I said something against any ship.) I just stick to one ship per character and would call myself a “single”-shipper (not sure if I made it up or it is actually a term xD) but I would say it’s the counterpart to a multi-shipper!! 

I’ve made a little guide with my lovely voltron babies ~ ♥ 

Well since I’m not a multi-shipper I could be wrong but I think it is somehow like that ^^. It doesn’t mean they love all ships, they see more ships than just one or two.


JK: If I space out my breathing to one gulp of air per 5 minutes, do you think i’ll live longer hyung?
Namjoon: Practically immortal dude

(In which Namjoon gives an impromptu science lesson Jungkook should have seen coming)


My cleric half-elf dnd character, Roux Estaire.  ╰(・∇・╰)

Roux is a follower of the Church of Gallus, a religion that recognizes chickens as our rightful Gods and Masters. She’s a traveling acolyte on a pilgrimage to spread her faith.