art is coming alive


Drew a sad little comic of a “Kakyoin comes back alive” AU. Not sure if this really counts as that kind of AU though.

(Been thinking about Jotaro thinking about getting to grow up and pursue a career and start a family when Kak died so young.)


So I saw this one Conan ep once with Blake Anderson in it and I can’t help but imagine Matt singing so (imeancmonmattandhisvaneedssomemorerecognitionno??)

This took like a week or 4 days I can’t even remember rip my fingers iworkedsohardonthisplsappreciatteit

cuddly boyfriends inspired by the ask in a box video 💕 (i’ll try and draw the actual hand comparing bit later)

(((and why did they have to both wear black jfc)))


I’m so bad at this Tumblr thing 😅! I keep forgetting to post this here! @sam-flash-bashor as The Flash fan art ☇. Featuring current and past Baby-face versions. Digital with photography collage. Had so much fun on this one, and be sure to watch out for a new “cosplay” piece I’m working on, coming out soon of Maude Garrett 👀!