art is coming alive

the signs as Bob Ross things

Aries: “just really make it come alive”

Taurus: tons and tons of mountains. he loved painting those rascals

Gemini: let’s paint this tree a friend. i think everyone should have a friend, they are very important

Cancer: on our canvas, there is no hate or pain. there is only peace and happiness

Leo: perhaps we love painting because we can control the canvas and the world we are creating

Virgo: let it happen! in the time you’ve been sitting around worrying you could’ve finished the whole painting

Libra: “now look at that. in just a matter of a few minutes we have something beautiful”

Scorpio: for every highlight we have to have some shadow, some darkness

Sagittarius: “the Almighty ___”

Capricorn: “oh what the heck. let’s do this.”

Aquarius: trees and leaves and bushes hidin’ in your brush

Pisces: look at all the happy little clouds just playing in the sky

cuddly boyfriends inspired by the ask in a box video 💕 (i’ll try and draw the actual hand comparing bit later)

(((and why did they have to both wear black jfc)))


This is a motion piece I did for my Narnia portfolio! I hope you guys like it! It was really fun making the art move~ It felt like they were coming alive ^-^

My belated Valentines Day cards came in!! :D :D :D

Thanks @cinnnister!!!!

I’m gonna be giving these out for the years to come!! Lol

Now all I’m geared up for is the fanzine!!!
I’m so excited!! :D

I’m sorry, the Triple Goddess isn’t in right now

It’s still Samhain Halloween, right? I got an amazing commission from @mycolour, who gave me Emrys!Merlin, where he’s super powered up to the point that gold eyes don’t even cut it anymore. Also, he replaces the Triple Goddess and becomes the King of the Old Religion, wow. 

Also, this is a shoutout to Small Packages, an awesome series of drabbles that has BAMF!Merlin that I think you should go check out if you’re into that <3