art international radio

Tech V showed me how to draw my tentacle! Thanks V!!! This is generally how I’ll dress on a good day: lots of jewelry, including a bloodstone necklace, a green ribbon, a silver snake armlet, and several peircings. I have this awesome pink tutu I love–I love color if you couldn’t tell (even though people say it makes me look flamboyant… Is that a bad thing? Cuz I like it!)! Long half of my hair is pulled up and is super cute! (And this I know cuz I wore my stupid contacts today.) The blue on my face is natural if I haven’t mentioned, it changes with my mood and skin tone, but usually looks like that. If you have any questions for me or Tech V please ask!

I’ll have to post a pic of me on a bad day…

-Intern Victoria

I sleep with one eye open… But I never remember what I see. Only the dark planet, floating just above me, so close I can almost reach it, if I just stretch my hand up far enough… This planet, is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It has REAL mountains. And oceans! And it’s…Cold. I want to touch it–i reach out–and then I wake up.

I think I’m obsessed.

Forget I told you that, mountains aren’t real, it’s just a dream.

-Intern Victoria