Abandoned Detroit House is Transformed with 36,000 Flowers

In November 2014, florist Lisa Waud bought this abandoned, crumbling duplex in Detroit Michigan. Winning the bid at $250, Waud had not even seen the home. Her vision was to transform the location into an art installation called Flower House.

To ornate the home, Waud invited florists Michigan, Ohio, New York and Canada to install different flower installations in every room. 


CLOUD by Caitlind R. C. Brown and Wayne Garett

CLOUD is a large-scale interactive sculpture created from 6,000 light bulbs, new and burnt-out. Constructed by Calgary-based artist Caitlind r.c. Brown and collaborator Wayne Garrett, CLOUD was on public display for one-night-only during Calgary’s first Nuit Blanche Festival. As part of the process of creating the sculpture, Brown collected burnt out incandescent light bulbs from local households, businesses, museums, and eco stations.

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100,000 Illuminated Suspended Balloons Form a Cloud Inside Covent Garden by Charles Pétillion

French artist and photographer Charles Pétillion produced a stunning installation composed of 100,000 illuminated balloons, which resemble a cumulus cloud inside London’s Covent Garden. The project, titled Heartbeat is a piece part of the upcoming London Design Festival, which follows Pétillion’s signature style of the use of a balloon as an artistic tool. As his first public and largest piece, Heartbeat extends from the South Hall ceiling to the Market Building. The presence of the balloons create a magical and ethereal environment out of a surreal dream.


Who needs to see their reflection in the mirror when you could have hundreds of cute plush penguins mirroring your every move instead? This is Penguins Mirror, a wonderfully whimsical interactive kinetic art installation created by artist Daniel Rozin. It’s made of 450 small stuffed penguins mounted on rotating mirrors.

“As with many of his other kinetic mirrors, Rozin makes use of the black and white color tones found on the stuffed animals to generate moving silhouettes in response to movements captured by video cameras.”

Penguins Mirror is on display through the end of June 2015 as part of Rozin’s solo exhibition Descent with Modification at the bitforms gallery in New York.

Visit Daniel Rozin’s website website to check out more of his interactive artwork.

[via Colossal]