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New Studyblr!

Hey guys :)

So I’ve already had a studyblr until a few hours ago, but I didn’t really enjoy that account and I noticed that I messed everything up, so I had to start a new one 😅

My name’s Jasmin, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Germany. My favorite subjects are German and English, as well as Biology, Art and History. I also really like Science and Chemistry, but I’m not good in those.

Please reblog this, so I can follow new studyblr’s!

These are my favorite studyblr’s so far (but I’m following like 200, so it’s just a really small selection):

@365text @a-cademic @areistotle @brbimstudying @chemclub @dangostudy @eintsein @elkstudies @getyoureducation @gracelearns @milkystudies @passionplanner @revisicn @studyign @studaesthetics @study-nsp @studylikegrangerr @studymetoharvard @studyologist @studypetals @virtuositystudy

I think that was it for now. I really hope, you’ll like my studyblr. See you! 💕