art inspired by biology

After college, Abominathan wanted to pursue a career in educating others about the wonderful world of Biology…

 Young and full of spirit, he shared his aberrant knowledge with anyone who was willing to watch and listen. His first job was at an elementary school, teaching second grade science. He was ecstatic. But little did faculty know, they hired someone with teaching methods that did not quite fit their expectations.

 Nathan amused, captivated, and bewildered his students with explosive demonstrations, Alchemical sciences, and songs to stimulate their neoplastic brains. He was happy. His students were happy. But soon word began to spread of his reckless ways.

Much to Nathan’s dismay, these acts of “endangerment to children’s lives” (as the parents and teachers put it) got him fired. He was never the same afterward. He had always been strange, but this event seemed to push him over the edge. With his career tarnished and reputation in shambles, he scrounged the market for jobs. Some horrid and degrading… and smelly.

….yello i’m still alive, surprise!
i’m on break (it’s too short >.<) but i’m catching up on my biology – communication notes.
if any of you HSC students have notes/resources to share, shoot me an inbox and i’ll be happy to exchange :)

“And We have sent the fertilising winds…” (Quran 15:22)

Reflection: Biology has proven that plants undergo sexual reproduction in the same manner that humans and animals do. The only difference is that plants require external agents to initialise the process – bees or other creatures to carry a plant’s pollen to its mate’s ovule. Crucially, this process can also be accomplished by the forces of nature – winds – when no such bees or animals are available. The Quran tells us that these “fertilising winds” (Quran 15:22) are under the command and inspiration of God, that we may “enjoy the fruits of [His] artistry” (Quran 36:35). From the very same winds we are given “water in abundance” (Quran 15:22) through the movement of clouds across our planet’s surface. “It was not their hands that made this: will they not then give thanks?” (Quran 36:35).