art in video games


Art By:  Finnian Macmanus


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Button Mashing

A girl named Billy and a boy named Jesse terrorize 90s arcades with their amazing ability to press buttons. Billy’s favorite video game is “Turtles in Time”, and Jesse’s is “Altered Beast″. 


so I’ve been playing through earthbound, its been really fun (this is good because i am not really into rpg’s) the game is really quirky.

I think Paula Polestar is a strong and confident young girl. Her overall personality inspired me to draw this.I tried to stick to the colours of her sprite when I drew this.

hope you guys like

“I don’t think you’re ready to die, Radford. I think you’re just scared. I was scared, too. I didn’t ask for any of this, just like you didn’t ask for a bullet in the gut. But you can’t blame me, or Sarif, or technology for what’s happening here.” -Adam Jensen