art in the style of

here’s an old end title card thingie i made

i got too carried away with the icons i made.. >:’))

Headcanon that when Aqours was just kanadiamari, Dia was really passionate about being on top of her whole idol game so she’d do cute poses n’ shit in front of Kanan and Mari and ask if it was any good.

And Kanan and Mari are always on the floor dying over how cute her gap moe is.


Here. All the sides doing Pokemon’s Z Moves :D jus because I like to combine my passions. 

Maybe I will to the animations for the complete dance, just maybe. 

(Psst, even if you’re not into Pokemon reblogs and feedback are appreciated    ^-^)


Let’s play soccer!

Guys, I’m really exctied about this coming Saturday October 21st Inazuma Walker! I did this special drawing to congrats our beloved three protagonist and waiting to see Asuto to love him even more! (because I love him know and I don’t know much about him)  also famitsu magazine showed us Endou’s new design! BLESS YOU!