art in the mirror


July 2016 (Watercolors) VS. January 2017 (Copic Markers)

Some of you might already now that I am very self-critical, which is fine. Everyone should be like that. But I must admit that I don’t like that about me, but in the same time I do. I sometimes have phases where I am so depressed with my art that I delete every single piece (or I put it into storage, because I want to redraw it) from my gallery on deviantArt, just because I can’t stand it to be there.

I need to except that I am young (I am not even twenty yet.) and that I improve with every single drawing like everyone else. And I improved a lot during the last month. I looked through the pages of my sketch book from July 2016 to August 2016 and I could puke over it. Well, I could. I won’t. Because it is a part of my anyhow and I helped me to accept the mistakes that I did in my art. And I still do! My main problem is that I love my sketches so much, but when it comes to lineart I mostly mess it up because I simply don’t want to mess them up. I fuck up the anatomy so often, it’s so frustrating. XD …but I accept it. I only can get better. Fuck my English, too.