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He says robotic hands aren’t good for tying ties. Hinata doesn’t believe him, but he does it for him every morning anyways.

I’m a bit late to the mordremvari party, but I just replayed HoT and had the terrible itch to draw a what-if scenario. Also I just love designing monsters!

Cesaria had a couple of really close calls in the deeper reaches of the jungle and without the help of his squadmates, one of them might’ve pushed him over the edge. Had that happened, he’d eventually turn up again a lot taller and looking like this after taking a bath in a blighting pod.

((Vintage Ludwig doodle in a style im developing!–And really wish to polish up one day..! TvT) I got my main inspirations from @kun5t-n1nja ’s amazing artworks and gorgeous artstyle!! (As well as Roger from the 101 Dalmations film for some reason…?? Or perhaps Disney in general..? Dunno!) Hope you guys like it!~

Also, feel free to share your opinions on this style!))


i FINALLY finished it… i submitted this colorway but i don’t have enough gems to submit the recolors yet hahahahahahaha (please sub give me my gems back) 

this is “undisclosed desires” and will be released alongside its recolors “supermassive” and “resistance” whenever i get this to come through the queue cause let’s be real it’s gonna get denied at least once

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Hello~ I just found your account and I was wondering but how long have you been drawing *^* your artwork is so good! And how do you get motivated to draw things??!

hi there! thanks so much for enjoying my works! ♡(灬´ㅂ`灬)♡

I’ve loved drawing ever since I was a kid! I’ve never learned drawing professionally though, so I just bought art books and searched for tutorials online. Digital art is more recent, I’d say I have no more than 3 years of experience with it, so I’m still figuring things out (✿´ ꒳ ` )

I love to draw when I want to take a break or relieve stress. I also get inspiration from other artists I like and that also motivates me to draw more!

Ok with the knowledge that jack in the boxes (,, Jack in A boxes? I already forgot which is the toy and which is the store) have been around a lot longer than I first thought , and the knowledge that no one’s really gonna care if I make another clown - I decided to go to town and find a way to make my redone Cuphead self insert work

I’m proud of how she looks? It’s 5:00 in the morning, and I am Tired, so I didn’t put too much effor into making the art itself look spectacular - but hey I like how she looks :0 maybe I’ll actually draw more than one picture w a self insert I made now

Her WIP name and boss-stage name is “Jumping Jill in ‘A Box Of Tricks’” , but again I’m tired so tht may change when I wake up more ?

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[throughfireandthread] "You seem.... nicer to your target of torment than some of the other pumpkins"

[ “One of the cons of havin’ no magics whatsoeva’– Torturing just ain’t my strong point.” ]

[ “Besides– I’d rather refrain from trying the patience of any bigguns’ like yourself…” ]