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How did you start your art, what was your inspiration

Ohh that’s a bit long to explain :0 

So I’ll put some pics to make it more dynamic :D

I started drawing around 11 years old, things like Sakura Card Captors, Pokemon or Sailor Moon (Yeah I still have all my drawings, I like to save everything I draw), and of course, I sucked at it.

At that time I really enjoyed drawing, but I didn’t drew very often, maybe around 10 times per month until I turned 14. When I was 14 I met a friend who liked animes, mangas and drew like me. The both of us agreed that making our original story would be fun so that was the moment where I started drawing more oftenly: OC’s, characters from my own story (well, a lot of stories tbh), practicing manga panels, a bit of buildings (lol now that i see those things i’m embarrased how much i sucked at it)

My artstyle changed a lot of times, since my style depended a lot of the current series I was watching at that time (That was my inspiration). In the middle of that year (Still 14, almost 15) my friend recommended me Fairy Tail.

I really felt comfortable with Hiro Mashima’s style but even if I wasn’t very good imitating his style I was pretty satisfied with my draws. The problem was my non-existent knowledges of anatomy and perspective. I never tried to drew with base lines (like circles for the head, and lines of proportion) until I was 17-18, I was such a dumb head TuT

And well, the end is pretty predictable: I stopped drawing OC’s and my own manga for doing fanarts for FT around 2 years ago (But I’m trying to return with that tbh!). And with a lot of practice (Sometimes I can draw for almost one day, literally) I reached my actual level .

Watercoloured Elf - yeah i really didn’t know what else to call it xD but I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s been a while since I made an OC and now that I think about it I don’t think I ever used colour.. I wanted to try and work with watercolours to see how it’d turn out andddd needless to say I might use those from now on ^^” I’m super satisfied with the outcome. Here’s to more fanart^^ artblock begone!

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amali au sketches

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Okay so, I don't reblog homestuck anymore. I don't talk about it. I do not relate myself to homestuck at all any more. I'm actually not sure why I'm still following this... Either way, my point is that the Roxy art post thing you reblogged? I wanted to let it be known that I really thing it looks stunningly beautiful and fantastic. I love it. I am so happy to see it. But I can't like or reblog it.. So I'm showing my appreciation here. Good job OP, and thank you. It is great.

um ?

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Name: Elizabeth


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Height: 5ft 2in or 157cm

Caucasian mix

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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

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Purple Rose

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Rain, pine trees and vanilla

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White Tiger

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A trip through Norway, Denmark and Ireland

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May 2016

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They happen in small waves depending on the situation, usually relating to my art or comics in some way.

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There are a few fictional guys I’m attracted to, but I wouldn’t date them myself.

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sos i have so many ideas for my jacket but i'm so bad at art......

The only way to get better is pactice. If u end up not liking it get a can of black spray paint. Spray over it. Do it again