art in college


got to design a room for my fav mad scientist from bh6! she’s such a fun character, i need to check out the comic sometime 😊



Now I finally have time to blog again lol

I’ll officially be back to actively making memes, gifs, and other stuff tomorrow, so hang tight until then, and thank y’all so much for bearing with me!! :)

long time no art lmao (been busy w college decisions- im goin to sjsu in fall!!!)

black paladin allura is all I want in life and a blessing upon my family, a shred of light in my dark hopeless world, a gift. Black paladin allura saved my life and watered my crops, freed my village from the plague 

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Is this place still alive?

Yeah, of course!!

I’m sorry there haven’t been many updates lately but both me and Margaret are extremely busy with priority art at the moment (college & commissions)

We have no intention of letting the fam drift away anytime soon!!
We pretty much think about our sons constantly lmao

- Dan

Patsy — is a 19-year-old undergraduate Sequential Art major at the Savannah College of Art and Design. At the age of six months old, she was adopted from Seoul, South Korea and brought to the United States, where she currently resides. She has a wide variety of interests, including, but not limited to, drawing, sleeping, and being okay at video games. She has a passion for creating characters and fictional worlds, and wants to someday share this interest with the rest of the world in the hopes of inspiring the next generation the way the previous generation inspired her.

how does this sound???


I signed on Twitter to post some art but got hit with this news instead. Sharing as a reminder to all of you (and myself) to please take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat well, etc. It can be really hard to do at times when our work culture guilts and punishes us for resting while at the same time giving us inhumane work loads. But please be mindful of it. Take care of your physical and mental wellbeing first and foremost.

Superhero AU, yes or no?? also I’m real bad at creating outfits sorry especially hunk if people want more i will change your outfit

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I'm laughin so hard rn b/c all I can imagine now is Lance showing that presentation to his class and Pidge raises their hand and asks "Do you even know what you're doing?" And Lance just backs up towards the door like "Yeah, yeah of course I do." And makes a run for it after saying "CLASS DISMISSED!"

Pidge prob tells on him to Allura eveNTUALLY:

“three absences and that’s it, folks…..but there IS an exception, and it’s the only one I’ll accept” 

“….what is it” 

“if ur running late, then u gotta Naruto-run late.” 

(lance just really misses vines ok)