art in beijing

Here is my Cinder painting all finished! Based on ‘Cinder’ book one of ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ by Marissa Meyer. I have more paintings based on the other books in the series coming soon!

Scott Keenan, 2017




Upcoming Zaha Hadid Buildings:

Long known as a paper architect, one whose proposals were bolder than her time knew how to build, 

Hadid was a well-established name in architecture by the time she started getting her first major commissions. 

This is why her death, at 65, is genuinely tragic: in architect years, she was only getting started!

Here are some of her buildings that we will be able to see completed in the next few years….

City of Dreams Hotel Tower, Cotai, Macau. Due for completion in early 2017.

1000 Museum, Miami. Under construction, due for completion in 2016.

Mariner’s Cove, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Approval pending.

Grace on Coronation, Brisbane. Approved in 2015, currently under appeal.

Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Approval pending.

Beijing New Airport Terminal Building. completion expected in 2018.

Danjiang Bridge, Taipei, Taiwan. Competition won in 2014, under construction.

Bee’ah Headquarters, Sharjah, UAE. Competition won in 2013, construction and completion date yet to be announced.

Here’s my next GP giveaway token! If you happen to be at GP Beijing this coming weekend, catch me to get a pair of cool cats!

I’ll be at the venue on Friday in a T-shirt with these cats. Saturday and Sunday I’ll be judging so you’ll have to look for my name tag (Zie Aun Tan).

I realize this will be a long shot since Tumblr is blocked in China and all, but hey free cats.