art in animation

“YES!” 😁

So the creator of Regular Show (JG Quintel) is making a new regular show; which is for adults. It’s called Close Enough and it’s only on TBS. I seen the trailer and I think it’s gonna be good. Can’t wait!! It’s like Regular Show, but “close enough.” Haha 😄


Heya!! I really need some money for food and gas, especially since I’ll be going to my college’s multiday orientation next week… in a city I’ve never been to before…. So I’m having a slight sale! This’ll last for a week or two, then my prices are going back up.

I take payment via paypal (lferg92 at Cards are roughly 150x100 pixels, and animation prices are based on 50x50 sprites. You can find more examples of my pixel art in the appropriate tag. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an IM, or an email (lferg92 at gmail, which I prefer). Thanks for looking!


Next emoji request done ;D Thanks you for the suggestions :)

If you want to take a look at the emoji chart and maybe send me another request, you will find it in this post here: