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yall I really need emergency commissions

I’m low on money and I can’t stay with my friend much longer because of her land lord. I need as much help as I can get so if yall could even boost this it would be amazing!

Waist up
sketch- 5$
Line art- 9$
Color- 13$
Backgrounds- +2 dollars
Second person- +5 dollars

Full body
Sketch- 9$
Line art- 13$
Color- 13$
Backgrounds- +5$

Second person- 8$
  This would be really helpful. I haven’t started my job yet (I do on the 24th) but I wouldn’t be getting pay checks for another 2 weeks!

art examples here

anonymous asked:

How long does it take you to do a speedpaint in real time?

????? as in, how long do i take to draw in real time or how long does it take to edit my speedpaints? LOL.

usually i take about an hour for impulsive draws and can spend up to 5 hours on a very detailed piece! my speedpaints are usually compressed by the hour so the 3 minutes you’re watching is about 3 hours’ worth of real time work.

editing wise, i don’t commit a lot of time in it since i use youtube very casually. majority of the time is spent waiting for uploads and the whole process until it goes up on the platform takes about 2 hours!


Hey guys whats

hey guys whats up im starting commissions!


  • Sketch: $2 bust, $5 knee up, $7 full body
  • Lineart: $5 bust, $10 knee up, $15 full body
  • Flat Color: $10 bust, $15 knee up, $20 full body
  • Full Color: $15 bust, $20 knee up, $25 full body


  • Extra character: ½ the first characters price
  • Simple bg: free ;)
  • Complex bg: $5-$10 (depending on complexity)
  • Simple gif: $5-$10 (depending on complexity)

If you want a specific thing not listed (colored sketch, lineless painting, etc) ill discuss a custom price!

i am also willing to do other art styles besides my own, although the price will vary and i cannot guarantee it will look correct

Will do: 16+ nsfw (non sexual nudity, implied/mild sexual stuff, drug use), semi-realism, gore, anthros/furrys, ocs/sonas (WITH REFERENCE!)

Wont do: 18+ nsfw (the sex), mecha/complex machinery, certain ships i disagree with, super detailed backgrounds, realism

i will not make any exceptions to these rules!

pm me if you want to commission me!

paypal only and payment upfront~

your commission should be done in around 3 days to a week after purchase!


Hey there!

So currently, I am a broke college student who is going to be struggling with paying rent, my student loans, and various other costs that I’m sure that I’ll come across. Currently, I have a job and have been putting all of that money away in savings to prepare for the next year of costs. But, it is not enough. I move in a week, so that means that I’ll have to find a new job. I am slightly panicking on how I am going to keep up.

So I’m opening up some Art Commissions!

I know that it is not a lot, but every penny counts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I would love it if you could reblog!