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“Hi, everyone! This will become an official list that I’ll link on my blog and on the @studioblrcollective blog! (feel free to reblog/message me and mention where you think you fit in and your concentration and I’ll add you!). I’m sorry if I didn’t categorize you correctly, I just tried to make my judgment based on what was on your blog page.

I really believe that the creative side of the studyblr community needs some love, so that’s why I’m doing this little feature/list! No likes or reblogs necessary, but it would be nice to help spread some love around!







I would love to be able to add so much more to this list so if you’re a creative field studyblr that fits in these categories (or would like to add a category) feel free to let me know and I’ll update it! <3

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I think they were asking what subjects or majors you would see the labels you have studying in school !!

thank you !!! since there wasn’t any labels specifically mentioned, i just did a few different ones. but really, any label could do any major if you want them to !! it all depends on your character’s personal interests, which may or may not reflect their label !! i found it difficult to do it for labels based on personality, as opposed to interests. such as the vixen, the connard, etc !! i honestly feel as though any label could very well be interested in completing any major, if the interest is there !! if you have any questions about why i chose the major’s i did for a particular label, feel free to ask !!! i understand that some of the reasoning might not be as easily understood without an explanation !! all of the following majors were found from the following websites:  this, this, this, this. i also found a lot of major’s that i couldn’t fit into each of the labels, so if anyone wants a full masterlist of college major’s, let me know !! 

  • the academic — education, bilingual education, early childhood education, elementary school teaching, high school teaching, middle school teaching, teacher assistant, teaching english as a second language
  • the activist — history, journalism, peace/conflict studies, political science, women/gender studies, philosophy, non-profit management, speech and rhetorical studies, ethnic/cultural minority and group studies, human rights, 
  • the artisan — dance, ballet, fine/studio art, graphic design, interior design, music, arts management, english/writing, architecture, construction management, visual studies, arts and entertainment management, photography, performing arts, 
  • the anthomaniac ( + animal lovers ) — environmental science, forest management, biology, fisheries and wildlife, marine science, pre-veterinary medicine, parks, recreation and leisure studies, animal science, oceanography, 
  • the astrophile — astronomy, astronomy and astrophysics, atmospheric sciences and meteorology, space systems operations, physics, planetary astronomy and science, astrophysics. 
  • the athlete — sport management, exercise science, nutrition science, rehabilitation and therapy, sports medicine, health and physical fitness, physical education teaching and coaching, sports communication.
  • the bellwether — apparel/textile design, fashion design, fashion merchandising, business, marketing, fashion modelling, fashion and fabric consultation, theater design and stagecraft, design and visual communications, costume design. 
  • the benevolent — allied health, nursing, emergency management, public health, psychology, midwifery, rehabilitation and therapy, social work, long term care administration.
  • the bibliomaniac — english/writing, education, history, journalism, language studies, children and youth library services, library and information sciences.
  • the dirtbag ( + hoyden ) — automotive technology, automotive engineering technology, vehicle maintenance and repair technologies, automotive-body technology.
  • the ecclesiastic —  religious studies, religious education, bible studies, religion and the humanities, christian studies. 
  • the epicure — culinary arts, food science, nutritional science, food chemistry, foods, nutrition and wellness studies, restaurant and food services management, restaurant and culinary management, hotel, motel and restaurant management. 
  • the fervour/quixotic — romance languages dual major, romance languages and the literature, 
  • the guardian — public health, criminology, emergency management, legal studies, crimonology, law enforcement investigation and interviewing, police science, criminal justice, social work.
  • the gregarious — hospitality management, marketing and sales, business administration and management, psychology, human resources, public relations management, physical therapy, general management, 
  • the hacker — video game design, web design/digital media, computer science, software engineering, computer programming, computer systems analysis. 
  • the magnate — business/finance, hospitality management, economics, international relations, business management administration, accounting, investment and securities, human resources, international business, sales and marketing, 
  • the muso — music management and merchandising, conducting, music teacher education, music theory and composition, music performance, music theory, jazz studies. 
  • the netizen — video game design, web design/digital media, computer science, film/broadcast, game and interactive media design, computer graphics, graphic design, robotics technology. 
  • the phoenix — legal studies, social work, youth services, student counselling, psychology, criminology, counseling psychology, human services, premedicine, sociology, community psychology.
  • the savant ( + maths ) — mathematics, accounting, biology, chemistry, materials science, imaging science, computer science, energy science, marine science, applied science.
  • the thespian — film/broadcast, cinema and media studies, film production, film studies, performing arts, drama and dance teacher education, musical theatre, theatre art, acting.
  • the traveler — recreation and tourism management, international studies, language studies, international relations, geography, geographical studies, global studies, international business, tourism and travel management. 
  • the writer — creative writing, american/british/canadian literature, english, english composition, general literature, languages, classics, library and information science, comparative literature.  

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (1793-1865)
“Young Peasant Woman with Three Children at the Window” (1840)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Germany

The Biedermeier period refers to an era in Central Europe between 1815 and 1848 during which the middle class grew and arts appealed to common sensibilities. It began with the time of the Congress of Vienna at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, and ended with the onset of the European revolutions in 1848. Although the term itself is a historical reference, it is predominantly used to denote the artistic styles that flourished in the fields of literature, music, the visual arts and interior design. Waldmüller himself was one of the most important Austrian painters of the Biedermeier period.

Michael Carini | Carini Arts: Original Artwork and Custom Reproductions

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So it was @whelvenwings​ birthday 2 days ago!!! I’m sorry this is so late, but I’d rather give my fave fanfic writer a good present instead of something rushed and icky. Life happens sometimes. 

ANYWAY happy belated (secret) birthday, Emily!

Castiel is an art student.

He wears hole-y jeans and hoodies in bright colors. His hair is an untamable mess and he rarely remembers to shave. His nail beds are always – always ­– caked in paint. He doesn’t do well with structure or authority.

Dean is a literature student.

A deep thinker, a close reader, poised and ready for debate, impeccably and almost obsessively clean. He abhors tardiness. He likes beginnings, middles, and ends.

Which is why partnering the two of them together on an interdepartmental humanities project is probably a really bad idea.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

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Ege Islekel appropriates sculptures and paintings from art history to make her graphic works. Both referential and completely contemporary, they delight in the collision of popular culture and fine art. As a visual joke, Islekel superimposes van Gogh’s visage over famous album covers. Her #TFWGucci memes play with Neo-Classicist paintings, brought to life by captions from Sebastian Tribbie Matheson and Derek Lucas that namecheck art history as well as 21st century romance. - Text by Helen Holmes.

Gustave Courbet (1819-1877)
“Self-Portrait with a Black Dog” (1842)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Petit Palais, Paris, France

Courbet was a French painter who led the Realist movement in 19th-century French painting. He was committed to painting only what he could see, and he rejected the academic convention and the Romanticism of the previous generation of visual artists. His independence set an example that was important to later artists, such as the Impressionists and the Cubists. Courbet occupies an important place in 19th-century French painting as an innovator and as an artist willing to make bold social statements through his work.

Masterlist: College Majors || 300+ Followers Gift

Under the cut you will find some college majors. I’ve seen that a lot of roleplays is based around college and have the option in the apps to choice the characters major. I did an occupations list which could help as well. This is also a big big big thank you for the 300+ followers. Please like or reblog if you find it helpful. 

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1.  A large J. & L. Lobmeyr enamelled ‘Persian-style’ glass vase
Vienna, circa 1878, designed by Girard and Rehlender, from the 'Persian Series’, of amber-tint, the flattened ovoid form with waisted cylindrical neck and everted foot, brightly painted with panels of stylised flowers heightened in gilding below a Kufic inscription, two applied loop handles.

JLL monogram in white enamel.

2. A large J. & L. Lobmeyr enamelled 'Persian-style’ glass dish
Vienna, circa 1878, designed by Machytka and Schmoranz, the shallow form with raised rim and central depression, painted with a rosette within strapwork and Kufic inscriptions, all within a border of stylised leaf panels enclosing strapwork, alternating with formal stylised flowers, inscribed on the reverse Die Klugheit ist die mächtigste Stütze des Menschen und die Rechtschaffenheit ist seine beste Eigenschaft. and around the rim of the foot Wer sich in fremde Dinge mengt. hat den Schaden davon.

JLL monogram in white enamel.


3. A J. & L. Lobmeyr enamelled 'Persian-style’ two-handled glass vase
Vienna, circa 1878, the ovoid form of amber-tint, with flared neck and gilt collar, two loop handles and waisted base, painted with panels of geometric scroll within panels of flowers, heightened in gilding.

JLL monogram in white enamel.

4. A fine and impressive pair of J. & L. Lobmeyr enamelled 'Persian style’ glass bottle vases, Vienna, circa 1878, from the 'Arabian Series’, designed by Machytka and Schmoranz, each squat globular form with tapering neck and collar, over a high conical foot, painted with four medallions enclosing a rosette and scroll, reserved on gilt scroll

Quantity: 2
JLL mongram in white enamel.
49cm., 19¼in.

5. A small J. & L. Lobmeyr enamelled 'Persian-style’ glass goblet
Vienna, circa 1878, the deep cup-shaped bowl over a collar and trumpet-shaped foot, painted with a Kufic inscription above panels of scroll heightened in gilding and within gilt and enamelled bands
JLL monogram in white enamel
15.2cm., 6in.

6. A large J. & L. Lobmeyr enamelled 'Persian-style’ glass bottle vase
Vienna, circa 1878, from the 'Arabian Series’, designed by Machtyka and Schmoranz, the squat globular form with tapering neck and collar, over a high conical foot, painted with three large medallions enclosing a stylised flower flanked by panels of gilt foliate scroll above a band of Kufic inscriptions in gilding divided by rosettes, the neck with a Kufic inscription in blue enamel
JLL monogram in white enamel
49cm., 19¼in.

7. A J. & L. Lobmeyr gilt and enamelled 'Persian-style’ glass goblet
Vienna, circa 1878, designed by Machytka and Schmoranz, the cup-shaped bowl and cylindrical section above a flared foot, overall gilt and painted with arabesques and scroll between blue bands and white dots
JLL monogram in white enamel
18.7cm., 7¼in.

8. A very fine and rare pair of large J. & L. Lobmeyr enamelled 'Persian-style’ glass vases, Vienna, circa 1880, in three sections, each of turquoise tint, the central globular bowl set on a high waisted and knopped stem and domed foot, the detachable upper neck section of narrow waisted form and with flared rim, painted with four panels of elaborate scroll and flowers within panels of gilt scroll
Quantity: 6
JLL monogram in white enamel
63.8cm., 25 1/8 in.

9. A large J. & L. Lobmeyr enamelled 'Persian-style’ glass vase
Vienna, circa 1880, the squat ovoid form with tall wide flaring neck, painted with four medallions reserved within gilt foliate scroll outlined in red, between scroll bands, above a gilt circular foot
JLL monogram in white enamel
35.7cm., 14 1/8 in.


Evolution of the Bicycle as 300 years are compressed into a 1 minute animation.

Flashback to April 2009. I know it may not be my prettiest picture but this is life. Multiple facial fractures, severe eye trauma, and a concussion, this assault and battery was the catalyst for my series The Up-Side of Down. This teachable moment also breathed life into my signature Carini Arts icon, which is what I saw flashing in my head during my concussion. Some see it as a tree…others as a nerve or synapses firing. Both are accurate as it represents life growing from death. 

This was a life changing experience that taught me forgiveness and inspired me to share my stories with others that are struggling. The person on the other side of this colorful experience was not a bad person. Sometimes in life there are misunderstandings. Sometimes in life people make horrible mistakes. If I was ever to commit and egregious offense, my hope is that someone would show me the same forgiveness for my transgressions. We’re all human. We’re all fallible. We all make mistakes. When life knocks you in the face a few dozen times you roll yourself over, spit out the blood, and pick your ass up. I refuse to let anyone or anything hold me down and I will fight until the last damn breath. Perhaps I’m fighting for me. Perhaps I’m fighting for you. In either case, I’m always fighting for something and someone. I’m a fighter. It’s in my blood (which you can admire in the photo).

I have made full amends with the other party and his daughter actually has one of my paintings. I hold no ill will and had already forgiven him when I was deliriously asking to take my prom picture in the hospital. Shit happens. Laugh it off. Keep fighting though. Always keep fighting. Share your struggles. Empower others. Forgive. Love.

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