so I haven’t watched the latest swr episode, but if the artist that was commissioned (presumably commissioned) to do that portrait of Ursa Wren is Mandalorian

think of the possibilities

Gustav Klimt as a Mandalorian. 

Space!Vienna Secession in Mandalorian roots. Mandalorians going against the Association of Imperial Artists to do their own thing. 

“To every age its art. To every art its freedom.”
“Anay ca'nara be bes'niiv*, Anay bes'niiv be mayven." 

*bes’niiv, pronounced bes-NEEV. (kinda like ‘knee’ except with a v at the end)

It’s not the best translation, and I had to make up up a word for "art” (bes'niiv, based on how “bes'laar” means music, and “laar” refers to a song)

But honestly? I’m having a LOT of fun tying art history to Mandalorians.