art hi


because of the palette you wished for I went for a kinda 90′s look. Bokuto the motorbike-riding nightowl tho.

thank you :-o

incorporealrn  asked:

Got an update on charming midorkiya or were you busy eating flowers? (A blog i never knew i needed thank bless u)

….You could say I was busy eating flowers…..


Rails vs Ants before it was trimmed down to 2sec. Directed by Bryan Newton

-Eugene Huang

I don’t even even know if this message
that I’m overly concerned with will reach anyone.
Surely, forever and ever, I will be
a mad Matryoshka covered in patches.

[Matryoshka]: Sakuya

pansagenerd  asked:

I just wanna say I really like how you draw 2-D??? like now matter how you draw him, it's still really cute???? like,... how do you do it?

!! thank you!

he’s my fav to draw, for how i do it.. uh

first of all i’ve been told by some people everything i draw is cute,  that’s a bit of a curse, but for 2D, sometimes when i draw him smiling i try to capture the feeling you get when you see a dog smile, that pure genuine smile. but how i draw him is just,