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 kylos new baby blanket

he keeps his cape on with the force , also hux’s hair is slicked back with the tears of starkiller base #vanityfairgate #evilsideburns

the last jedi vanity fair cover (x)

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May I request MC 1 with wavy hair kissing Yoosungs damaged eye. (When its closed of course.) Only if you have the time! Have a wonderful day or night <3

eye kissing yoosung for all of your eye kissing yoosung needs winks (also sorry for the long wait;; I wasn’t able to get on the tablet, so I hope my messy sketches can suffice ;v;)

I know I’m posting doodles and stuff a lot these days but bear with me because here is another very rough concept-y thing with Hanzo and his noodles that I really liked and will hopefully get to work out properly soon.

Feedback is appreciated also while it’s still possible to change stuff!~

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once a wow nerd always a wow nerd



The colour scheme from the previous page returns for another page of Josuke and Okuyasu being good role models to a small child. It’s been a while since I drew either of them! I’d like to say that this page is in celebration of the news about the Part 4 anime, but this is just good (i.e. only slightly belated) timing. 

A few people asked for comics about Little Jolyne’s stand, which is obviously non-canonical, but then so is the whole premise of these comics, so I loved rolling with this idea. :3

@operaticspacetrash suggested “Cassian Fencing and Jyn gawking for royal AU “ to me…

“Where is her Royal Princess?”
“I think she is in the Garden.”
“Is he fencing again?”
“Seems so…”

Meanwhile in the Garden.. Cassian Andor is (indeed) fencing again And Princess Jyn?

“Sometimes it seems like she forgets , that they are actually married…”

(Okay so I guess I’m using this doodle of him because why not)
Part of my once-in-a-while post series of tackling some profile-relevant stuff for my Ocs, since I have a lot of them:

Master Quijo Doto– He’s a very chill Jedi who has a fairly strong force empathy that allows him to bond with living things quite easily, making him work well with animals. A part of his skills in conjunction with this is also being one of the Jedi who can aid in healing others that have fallen to the dark side, even working with turning Sith once in a while. 

Despite his occasionally incomprehensible antics and choices, Quijo is still a Jedi Master. He is capable of being very serious– he’s still formidable in combat and, while he is able to compromise once in a while, he still follows much of the Jedi code.

He’s Jiktin’s master and, due to circumstances, has unofficially began to teach some others who have lost their masters. Other than that, he rarely leaves the Core Worlds and, if he does, he usually heads off to random planets to meditate and poke nature.

I just want to take a moment to Recognise the beauty and Relevance of sense8 - An Open Letter to you, Netflix

I have been with this show since the beginning.

I was home alone one night, and saw it pop up on the top of my Netflix screen. I googled it first, and read that the general consensus was that the show was a bit odd and not particularly good. I flicked past it on Netflix, couldn’t find anything else to watch, had dinner, and decided to sit down and try the first episode.

I watched the first season within three days.

Sense8 is perhaps the most beautiful show I have ever watched, alongside shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Six Feet Under.

In the current climate of popular television, popular shows are usually one of two things (or a combination of both): they are extremely negative and cynical, and they are more about shock or twist than substance. Think about it: shows like Game of Thrones, as an example, are almost entirely about the dark side of humanity, psychopaths, manipulators, violence, sexual violence, death, destruction. The television landscape is often bleak, emotionally cheap, lacking in artfulness.

Sense8 is the antithesis of that. Sense8 is a television show that is explicitly and unapologetically about how diversity is our strength, love and compassion are our superpowers, and fear is our enemy. It is not a show that wants to suggest to us that we, as human beings, are inherently evil. It is not a show that wants to reel you in through shallow twists or gore or suicidal ideation. It is a show that says to each viewer: ‘Can you feel your own humanity? It’s right there, come with us into this story, and feel your humanity again’.

It is a show about Kala, an Indian woman who is equally dedicated to science and religion. It is a show about Nomi, a trans woman who is capable, happy, dedicated, loyal, clever. It is a show about Capheus, a man from Nairobi who is endlessly positive in the face of adversity. It is a show about Lito, a Mexican man who wants to entertain you, who is brave, gay, and dramatic. It is a show about Sun, a Korean woman who will sacrifice even for those who don’t deserve it. It is a show about Wolfgang, a German man who is living with trauma and trying to find himself underneath it. It is a show about Will, a cop from Chicago who will protect us at all costs. It is a show about Riley, a woman with endless empathy and strength, who can lose a husband and child and still have a heart full of love.

It is a show about us. The best of us, us being individuals and humankind. It is a show that, I think more so than any other show that is currently on television or has been on television perhaps in my lifetime and maybe yours, that demonstrates the true power of art. Art can heal us, art can move us, art can tell us stories and educate us about people and experiences we don’t personally know or understand, art can bridge gaps, art can challenge preconceptions, art can make us brave, art can challenge fear, art can repair.

Sense8, for me, has been an important show, and a very necessary show. In a time when the political conversation across the world seems to turn on whether or not we should start separating from each other, whether or not we should fear each other, Sense8 has been there to show us why fear and separation are antithetical to love and joy.

Sense8 is also a show that has the most wholehearted and kind and careful representation of queer people and queer culture that I have seen on television. The show contains four openly queer characters, all of whom are happy, successful, fulfilled and loved. It is a show that has had no interest in playing into the stereotype, as is often found in television and film, that queer people are inherently unhappy.

I had never had any particularly strong feelings about Netflix before I watched the first season of Sense8. But Sense8 to me, was the embodiment of what I, at least thought, Netflix was about. Bringing programs to an audience, programs that were fearless and new and boundary pushing and actually interested in artistic integrity over profit or perceived return; that was what Netflix was to me.

I feel that in cancelling Sense8, Netflix has betrayed it’s own philosophical vision and what I think is it’s artistic integrity, and responsibility.

But mostly I feel that today, an opportunity and a light has left the world. Art, in our darkest times, is often one of our strongest allies, one of our strongest antidotes. Sense8 was not only a television show that people loved to watch, it was a television show that people needed to watch. It radiated joy, friendship, respect, global community, hope, empathy and decency. It was a television show that did not simply encourage our base, unrefined, animalistic tendencies towards competition and violence, but one that tried to remind us of the conscious choice we can make to be kind.

Sense8 wanted you to feel that the world, every individual within the world, was a part of your cluster; if only you could broaden your mind ever so slightly to the idea. Sense8 wanted you to know you were not alone in feeling hunted, in feeling tired, in feeling overwhelmed. Sense8 wanted you to know that together, if we try, and we use each other’s knowledge and skill and perspectives, we can be better.

I want to thank the entire cast, crew, and creatives of Sense8 for trying to give us that light. I want to say I am disappointed in Netflix for not realising it’s potential as not simply a company, but as a patron and distributor of 21st century art. I would also like to note that as a queer person, I no longer consider Netflix a 'network’ that actually values the stories of people like myself - especially since there seems to be no indication of finishing this show with the respect the audience deserves.

I hope we can all remember what this show gave us. Be critical and clever like Nomi, strong but forgiving like Sun, positive and courageous like Capheus, protective and loyal like Will, open and joyful like Lito, dedicated to your mind and your heart like Kala, strong in yourself and unapologetic like Wolfgang, kind, empathetic and resilient like Riley.

Remember, that you can be a sensate, if you just try.

This isnt anything special just… I’m happy to have sai back is all TwT A practice sketch that turned into Kiyoko

Magickal Uses for Cornflower

Planetary Association: Venus

Gender: Feminine

Element: Water

Deities: Robin Goodfellow, Chiron, Flora

Traditions: Cornflower comes in a variety of colors such as prple, pink and blue. Blue being the most common and sought after. Cornflower is particularly sacred on Floralia which occurs near Beltane. The flower was a favorite of Cyanus, a devotee of Flora, from whom is takes its name. Its genus was derived from Chiron, perhaps one of the most famous centaurs, who taught mankind healing arts.

Magickal Uses: Because cornflower is an old remedy for eye problems–a poultice of the petals was put on eyelids–it is also considered good for Third Eye sight. Try a petal poultice over the Third Eye for improved psychic ability.

An Earth herb will give you a different perspective on the psychic than a Moon herb–more grounded and more depth. Cornflower is known for helping us see the Fae more easily. The flower essence of cornflower encourages us to accept our differences from others and to have self-knowledge. It also protects psychic and other gifts from negative influences and rigidity, and it bolsters healthy individuality.

Leaves in wine were considered protective against plague and other infectious diseases. Petals are nice in potpourri and can be made into ink, and the flowers are edible, so they are good for ritual drinks.

This plant got the name hurtsickle because its tough stems blunted grain harvester’s sickles. It is also known as bluebottle, bluebow, blue cap, bluet (for the more traditionally colored cornflower) and perhaps more appropriate for this color, devil’s flower. As far as I can tell, “cyanus” [kyanos] was not, as many Internet sources claim, associated with any Earth goddess but the name of a beautiful blue colorant for ceramics invented by the Minoans. This annual blooms May-August and likes it on the cool side. It was once so common in the UK it was a weed but is now rarely met there in the wild.

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Injured and Afraid

For fedoracat This has been sitting in my folder for flippin ever and I’m tired of it just sitting there.

Characters: Danny Fenton, Randy Cunningham

Word Count: 2,032

Summary: Randy gets injured during a fight and wakes up in an unfamiliar room.

Danny stared at the masked ninja, concerned for the boy behind the mask’s safety. Both had taken quite a beating from the mechanical nightmare the ninja seemed to face on a daily basis. It didn’t help that Technus, Master of Technology, had taken over the robot. Danny knew the cuts and bruises he obtained would heal quickly, but for the ninja… From the sound of things, he was having trouble breathing. “You sure you’re okay?” Danny asked for the fifth time that night. His ghostly glow illuminated the dark alley way they had scurried into after blowing up the robot. It was hard to tell in this light and in the black suit the ninja was wearing if he was bleeding or not.
“Y-yeah.” he coughed. “I’ve had worst.”
Danny frowned at that statement. The kid was just trying to shake it off… make him less worried. He heard himself say it many times to his sister and friends. There had to be something he could do. He let gravity take over as his feet touched the ground. He couldn’t take this “Listen, 800 year old ninja or not, you need some help.”
The black clad ninja scoffed and waved his hand in the air, as if to shoo him away, “I’ll be fine.” He tried to laugh, but only caused himself more pain. He groaned and held his chest. Danny resisted the urge to grab the ninja and fly him off to the closest hospital. For one, he had no idea which way to go. Another thing was Danny was afraid he might hurt him. He had no way of knowing how much pain the guy was going through. He had to have a high pain tolerance considering the amount of times Robo-Technus threw him to the ground and surrounding buildings.
Danny’s eyes widened, as the ninja took a step back. A small amount of dark liquid had pooled where the ninja stood. That did it. “Listen, we really should get you-” Danny didn’t have a chance to finish his sentence before the ninja swayed and would’ve hit his head on the concrete had Danny not stopped his fall. Danny picked him up, careful to not cause any more damage as the ninja gave him a dazed glare. “You’re coming with me.” He stated before he began floating again.
“You’re wounded.” Danny pointed out, ignoring any attempt at protesting. He had to get him home quickly. The hospital would have to wait a moment. First they needed to stop the bleeding…

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Day 25 - Fav Legendary: Celebi

Mew was my all time favourite quite long time back in the days. I still like it but celebi has started grow on me more. I really like how it looks. Also the fact that celebi was one of the rarest and hardest pokemon to get legally outside of Japan until fifth gen has made it more… “legendary” than any other pokemon in my eyes. Truly a pokemon I treasure now that I finally have one.