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Best Actor, Actor in a supporting role, Picture, Director, Screenplay, Costume, Special Effects, and Score goes to….Harry’s Dimple!

Name: Nick

Age: 22

Location: New York

What type of craft you practice: I’m an eclectic witch and dabble in a lot of different areas. My main focuses are divination, herbalism, healing magic, folk remedies, and spell work. 

Likes: Art (mostly painting and illustrating,) Sewing historical garments, drag, nature, snuggling with my cat, reading, and of course witchcraft.

Dislikes: sexism, bigotry, racism, homophobia and transphobia, hate speech, romanticizing of mental illness.

Contact method: Tumblr: thesideshowmermaid 

Fun Facts: I have been practicing witchcraft for almost 7 years. I am queer and non binary, also I am a drag king. I am studying costume design

What are you looking for in a pen pal?: Someone to share ideas with, an exchange of knowledge and a possible friendship

Does the age of your pen pal matter?: Not at all. Any age is welcome

What about the gender?: All genders are welcome as well

And location?: earth

anonymous asked:

"Most women don't enjoy their periods" well to be fair in feminism there is a lot of period art and using periods and uteri as "celebrating womanhood" not only is it cissexist but I should also bring up that I am extremely tokophobic. I hate my uterus but mostly because it's a sign that I'm capable of becoming pregnant

Yeah, it’s called healing. Art allows us to heal and learn to accept the parts of ourselves that we have been conditioned by society to hate.

You never have to get pregnant. Feminism is against the idea that a woman’s purpose is linked to her womb.

The idea of “cis-sexism” is bullshit, it means “these women talked about their human rights in a way that made a penis sad”

“the wonderful thing about barter is that you leave a world limited by cash and enter the universe of unlimited possibility and creativity. all you have to do is put some effort and imagination into it.” - karen s. hoffman & shera d. dalin

Today, my friend Janine Jackson shared with me a mix media piece she did as a trade with another artisan. We both belong to a trade & barter group on Facebook called Native Style Trade & Barter. The group mostly consist of artists/artisans who wish to trade/barter their creations. Whole experience of trade has allowed me to obtain some beautiful handmade creations that I may not have been able to afford outright. By taking money out of the equation there is a deep appreciation of the creator & creation. 

mix media by Janine Jackson


art is making a song from this famous speech…