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Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 5 - Floral (5/?)

Painted Claire’s floral dress this week since it’s officially spring now! After doing so many black and white paintings it was fun to use some colors!

Have a fantastic week, we’re one week closer to September :)

Top hats magic and what it looks like.

He doesn’t have a horn so his magic comes from his hooves and therefore also looks a bit different than how unicorn magic looks coming out of a horn. It’s a lot more potent and he’s got a lot of magic as well. Unfortunately most unicorns thinks his magic is illusions and tricks and. It the real deal.


“WE COME FORM DIFFERENT HOUSES” Gryffindor/Slytherin/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw

After I posted the pic of slytherin girl (here’s the link if you don’t know), I decided to draw other 3 houses’ students to make it complete. :D

The Sorting Hat
  • Sorting hat: </b> you belong in Slytherin, bro
  • Harry: </b> no, pls anything but Slytherin
  • Sorting hat: </b> no drarry is my otp
  • Harry: </b> but Gryffindor-
  • Sorting Hat: </b> did I FUCKING STUTTER
  • Harry: </b>
  • Sorting hat: </b>
  • Harry: </b>
  • Sorting hat: </b> SLYTHERIN