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It was going to be a happy sketch but then I re-watched the season 2 finale and it was not happy so I thought I would share the unhappy. 

IDK what happened here.  Maybe for whatever reason Marco couldn’t use his dimensional scissors to find Star and he spent the entire summer looking for her. 
Star got in a big battle with Toffee some place in Mewni and barely escaped with her life… and that’s when Marco finally manages to find her.  Disheveled and hurt, but alive. 


Tonight—Gagosian Paris is open late for Nocturne Rive Droite

May 17, 2017

Tonight, May 17, Gagosian Paris is open to visitors, with “Spring Installation” until 11PM CET as a part of Nocturne Rive Droite.

A group exhibition including work by John Chamberlain, Edmund de Waal, Richard Serra, and others is on view. For visitor information, click on the link in our bio.
Image: “Spring Installation,” installation view. All artworks copyrighted. Photo by  Zarko Vijatovic.

I finally got around to practicing my OCs again, with a guest star of @thesnowdragon‘s Iva. Hundred Chimes would have a field day with someone having a mask that looks similar to her deity.

2017.5.30~6.3まで、RECTO VERSO GALLERYにて開催される写真展に参加します。

「Art photograph group show
フォトグラファーの視点:光と瞬 vol.37

Kana Sasamoto/山城功也/えはらあい/福永和三郎

火~金 13:00~19:00/最終日 13:00~16:30



No rest for the wip-ed!  Here’s another look at my take on Ash from Wes Anderson ’s Fantastic Mr Fox coming together for @spoke_art Bad Dads Art Show opening Oct 28th! I start adding texture with patches of lighter and darker colors where his fur’s about to get real fluffy.