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No rest for the wip-ed!  Here’s another look at my take on Ash from Wes Anderson ’s Fantastic Mr Fox coming together for @spoke_art Bad Dads Art Show opening Oct 28th! I start adding texture with patches of lighter and darker colors where his fur’s about to get real fluffy. 

Jo Metson Scott

In London, a Fashion Show Becomes a Sandwich Factory

In a presentation space at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, the designer Molly Goddard was turning a group of models in party dresses into a no-nonsense sandwich production line. 

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While You Were Sleeping |  We Are The Romantic Ones Recap

While you were sleeping, Subliminal Projects hosted a one-night only group show on Valentine’s Day titled ‘We Are The Romantic Ones.’  This special pop-up group art show, presented by Innocnts, featured works by various artists such as Derek Albeck, Valerie Bower, Chad Muska, Daniel Gibson, Marco Zamora, Bryan Peterson, Murk Lurks, Matt Borgia, and others.  From video works to paintings to Bowie inspired artwork, ‘We Are The Romantic Ones’ brought that art of longing and passionate lovesick feeling to admirers and collectors alike that one lucky night.  

Photographs by Ryan Hackbarth

I’m participating in a group art show at Cartoon Network on April 7th, dedicated to The Powerpuff Girls.

I decided to draw Ms. Bellum.  I was disappointed to learn she isn’t a part of the new series.  I get that there were problems with the way she was portrayed in the original, but she’s always been my favorite character and clearly the smartest (her name is a play on cerebellum, literally a part of the brain).  So as a tribute to you, Ms. Bellum, I drew you as the boss ass bitch I always knew you were.  Send them power texts, just like Hillary.


PDFW Opening Friday, March 4th at Slow Culture! 

We stopped by the Preview of Slow Culture’s next show PDFW group show featuring works of performance, drawing, film and writing from members under the aliases but include artists such as Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Ben Jones Jen Stark, Barry McGee, and Ara Peterson.  DFW opens tonight!! 

Check out the Vans Spotlight we did with DFW member Andrew Jeffrey Wright, where he talks about PDFW, Space 1026 and his Rich Dog mural at HOV, Brooklyn. 

Photographs by Michael C. Hsiung

Group picture and size reference!

Interesting how I choose to let all Crystal gems smile, but homeworld Gems not. It just happened while drawing and I left it this way. Also, Pearl looks dorky and I love it. I really love how Jasper and Garnet turned out, also I love Amethyst’s face. I’m really glad Steven dosn’t look totally shitty. (but I think his proportions are still off… meh)

This took forever… there are still little things that bother me but.. I’m done with this. I’m mildly suprised that I almost hit the shows style!

(all poses and expressions were drawn freely, I did not copy from any screenshot or reference)