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HEYYYYY so this is just a preview, but for Phichit’s birthday I ended up doing a full comic with fluffy PhichiYuu that turned out WAY more sparkly and shoujo than my usual style >.>;;; I’ll probably self-reblog it a few times tomorrow since it’s day-specific, sorry in advance for the multiple posts! >.<;;

I’d also like to make the initial post earlier than I usually post to get the people on the other side of the world while it’s still the 30th ^ ^;

So the question is, would you guys prefer I upload it at midnight EST (in 4 hours), or make the first post sometime tomorrow morning like 10 AM? Answer below if you have a preference! Thanks! <3


A betrayal scene from my campaign. Happened off-screen with Pippa and Cassius; when the party found out, they were all so pissed at Cassius. It was fantastic. She was actually unconscious when the party kicked the cultists’ collective ass, but it’s whatever

(For context on the whole “come and get it” thing: Pippa has a pan flute necklace that can be used to call the party for aid, or vice versa, and she didn’t want Douchey McGlasses to ambush them with it lol.)