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Added these rad pieces to the shop today!
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Kirby Meta Knight Framed Art
$30.00 + Shipping
For Sale in the Shop HERE

Spent much longer on this piece than I had originally wanted to. There was a lot of color adjusting on my end, but I think it turned out awesome. Meta Knight has been a favorite of mine since I was little. I always thought he WAS SO COOL!!! I dunno if its the girlyness of Knight in Shining armor (Well, little fat knight in shining armor. Whatever, I like dwarves. Its sort of the same). Or, maybe its because he was the mysterious villain. I will try and do more kirby sprites down the line. I really enjoy the vibrant colors.

Mini Mario Framed Sprite
$8.00 + Shipping
For Sale in the Shop HERE

 Mario frame up for a limited time! I get so burned out making these mario frames. I know you guys love them, but I get about 10 done and then I don’t wanna look at mario for another month. I did this one in a red acrylic frame with plain white mat. I thought the red really brightened up the picture.