art garfunkel


“A high school dropout, she thought everyone was smarter than she was, especially Paul. In reality, she was smarter than everyone. She was brilliant. Everyone knew it. Steven, Lorne [Michaels], and if you asked him at the right moment, Paul [Simon] would have agreed, too. Carrie read voraciously. She was funny and clever. She wrote and provided nonstop, hysterical commentary on people, movies, books, and Hollywood, where she grew up the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. She was a one-woman show thirty-five years before she did one.

I want to thank Carrie Fisher, my friend and partner in crime for more than 30 years. We’ve lasted longer than all of our marriages combined. Our crazy lives have meshed perfectly. We’ve always said it’s because we never liked the same drugs or men, but I know there’s more to it.”

- Penny Marshall on her best friend, Carrie Fisher

’…I’m lost.’

I said, though, I knew she was sleeping.

‘I’m empty and aching and I don’t know why.’

—  Paul Simon