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Random thought?? So Stan is a skilled artist in his own way, he creates taxidermy creatures and cobbles together various crafts. What if one of the tourists who comes in is a snooty gallery curator and sees the stuff around the Shack and is like “Mr. Pines, this is exactly the kind of avant-garde outsider art my gallery is looking for. There is a certain je ne sais quoi to these, and people will pay a hefty sum for these eccentricities”  “Don’t know what Juno says quack is but you had me at ‘hefty sum’. So that’s how  Stan gets to be in an art gallery with all his stuff on display everywhere. He drinks a lot of wine, and eats all the fancy cheeses, and wrangles patrons. “My oh my, what is this delightfully quirky creature?” “What’s it look like, it’s literally a squirrel-duck. Lookin’ at it costs you five bucks.”  I mean, Stan being in a fancy art gallery opening (with his stuff being displayed) is hilarious to me for some reason?

Art and Anatomy 3 (fem!Trixie x trans!Katya) - Pink Shrooms

It’s a new year, but old drama from first semester isn’t as dead as Katya would have hoped. Trixie decides to become a Youtuber. Katya decides to become a full time art hoe. Neither of them are prepared for what comes next.

OR: Shame is temporary, but the internet is forever.

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“a lurking monster from within, it prefers neither chamomile nor green tea.”

A little video capture of the art installation I did as a part of my solo ‘Beside You’. There’s just one more week left to view 'Washed Over’, a mixed media installation on display at @thinkspace_art . Gallery opens from 12 - 6pm today, go have fun. 🐙☕

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I want to be high in Tokyo.
I wanna ride in a silver sports car past the city lights at night.
I want champagne and sequins.
Lit Hotel foyers at 1 am & kissing u.
Chinese New Years and
cab rides back to white apartments.
Dusty sunlight through
Rose tinted windows.
Pink furry dice and red plastic cherries swinging’
from rear view mirrors.
Christian Dior Lipstick at the bottom
of a Gucci purse.
Xanax & 100s.
Fur coats & Forties.
I want art gallery openings
& free wine.
I want men who want to die for me
& texts back.

Self Care Quest Today

take some time to look at the sky today. how is it?blue or grey or colourful? rain or sunshine? are there birds or plains? how do the clouds look like? its important to look at the sky from time to time. It reminds you that you are still a part of this world, that we all are under the same sky. It is also a free art gallery that is open non stop.

Two Princes

Bucky x Reader x Steve AU

Summary – You meet two amazing guys.  Which one will you choose?

Warnings – Fluff and Angst

Word Count – 2,367

Notes – I hit 500 followers last week and I’m so excited!!! I love each and every one of you! I look forward to reading all of your comments and tags!  To celebrate this milestone, I decided to write a Reader’s Choice fic based on the Spin Doctor’s song, Two Princes. I’m leaving the ending completely up to you, my lovely readers! To vote for your favorite guy (Bucky or Steve), please leave me a comment on this fic so I can keep track of them all.  After a week, I’ll count up all of the votes and whoever wins, will get the girl!!

**Special tags - @rogersxbarnesx and @mattymattymerduck Thank you for your kind words of encouragement for this fic!!


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Wanda had been nagging you for weeks to join her for the Art Gallery opening on Tuesday night.  The photographer was some weird guy who called himself “Vision.”  You thought it was a bit presumptuous, but Wanda was crushing hard, and as her best friend, you had support her.  Being a supermodel, Wanda had been able to score the both of you two gorgeous designer dresses to wear to the black tie event.  All of New York’s finest would be out tonight to view the latest in Vision’s “Food for Thought” theme.  Basically, the guy was obsessed with food, and took pictures of his dinner.  Rich people bought the craziest stuff.

Wanda had quickly drawn the eye of the temperamental artist and was currently gushing over his latest study, Prime Rib with Asparagus Spears. You stood off to the side, sipping your champagne as you rolled your eyes.

“You don’t seem too impressed with Vision’s vision,” a deep voice whispered from behind you.

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Pairing: Melanie Martinez X Reader

Warning: Fluff

Requested by @swagfeatpayne

A/N: I saw this quote and was just crying cause it’s so cute.

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Reader’s POV:

My hand entwined with Mel’s as we both walked down the street, our breath steaming up in front of us from the crisp winter air.

Recently, an art gallery had opened up just down the road from our apartment, and Mel surprised me by buying us tickets to see the beautiful artworks.

We handed in our tickets and I was awestruck by the beauty of every piece.

I noticed as we walked around, that Mel kept glancing down at my lips in a longingly way, I thought that perhaps she was insecure to kiss me in public but she showed no signs of insecurity.

We both sat on one of the one of the benches when I finally spoke. “You can kiss me if you want.”

She looked at me with her doe eyes and whispered. “But they told me not to touch the masterpieces.”

Idea i've always had

I want to build a black art gallery. Open 24 hours except Sundays. On Sundays we replace every piece of art with new ones so it gives other artists a chance to have a place. All underground artists will be placed and all underground art will be seen.