art from paper

When people keep asking you what’s under your paper bag

This was so much fun to make!The moment I saw a video of the meme,I just had to.It was an opportunity I had to take.

(If ever the YouTube video doesn’t work,I put one that’s above,just in case)

Mycroft | Watercolour, white gel pen & coloured pencil on hot press watercolour paper


There were a few requests for deep sea/bio merms so here’s one of those..

anonymous asked:

Would you draw A2 Jade?

this is OVERDUE………..


aaaa i finally was brought up to a chance to take these pics!

//it took a loot of time for me to finish a now post it here, so thank you for your patience! and support!( they know whom i thank hopefully x3 )

i really enjoyed drawing this! such a delightful piece, hehehee~

link to some more in full-size: x

also progress??: y

PJ - @7goodangel

Monochrome - @skoopskoop

Omni - @cereusblue

For the lovely anon that asked me if I’d ever consider drawing Mercier and/or Betty <3 Not my finest work but I used too much time to do this to not post it :D I hope y’all teninch shippers like it!

“Whatever happens, I’ve got your back”

“I know”

Thing I started sketching when episode 3 aired and have only just actually completed.