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The Shout Out #13

How unlucky, it’s issue 13 of the Shout Out! On it, you can find a list of creators and bloggers new to our Directories, as well as brand new community leaders and cultural ambassadors!

A is for Artists!

Entering the artist category this week, we have:

W is for Writers (who are also artists)!

This week also saw @minamikorea join the Creator Directory in two categories! Their writing, as well as their art, can be found under the tag #minsart! Feel free to take a look!

A is also for Ask Blogs!

From their dorms to the Directory, @ask-the-allied-roomates has joined us this week! Be sure to head over and send an ask to this band of besties to find out what they’ve been up to!

M is for miscellaneous!

Like Hetalia? Like texts? Then you’re sure to love @crossoverhetaliatexts, which has the best of both worlds, and who happens to have to join our Creator Directory this week! Welcome!

100 is for 100% blogs!

Need your Hetalia condensed into one dedicated blog? Look no further than the two new 100% blogs on the Blog Directory, @aphswxden and @aphtemplar! Give them a follow!

L is for Leaders!

Renowned Estonia enthusiast @scarlettlillies has joined the Blog Directory as the the Leader for–you guessed it–APH Estonia fans! If you’re a fan of the mochi mogul too, head over and say hi!

If you’d like to be a Leader, check out how to apply here (mobile version)!

A is for Ambassadors as well!

Bringing our total to 67 Ambassadors from 38 countries, we have:

Australia: @rini-d
Austria: @kuro1492
Belgium and Croatia: @het-lelijke-eendje
Brazil: @aleistercrowleysbitch, @rena-reindeer
England: @insertgenericfangirlusername
France: @ask-aph-nyo-france
(Republic of) Ireland: @interdimensional-cats, @kimanda
Italy: @sugar-mountain 
Malaysia: @aph-ghoul, @askmalaysialah
Mexico: @waifu-in-the-house
New Zealand: @tammie-brown
Philippines: @excelsorum
Russia: @from-russia-with-mixed-feelings
South Korea: @minamikorea

If you’d like to be an Ambassador, check out how to apply here (mobile version)!

C is for Commissions!

Now it’s nearing summertime, the wonderful artist @alfredtalia is taking commissions! Check out this post if you want to get more information on what’s available and what it costs!

Birthday Reminder!

Don’t forget, Molossia’s non-canon birthday celebrations are on the 26th! Be as ready to party as he isn’t!

Have something you want us to promote? Contact us off-anon!

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