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Handsome Brute print
Art Nouveau-styled prints inspired by the villain Gaston. 11x17 on white cardstock, digitally illustrated fan-made tribute illustration.

Okay, going to post this on my main art blog eventually, but wanted to post it for you Gaston/LeFou/BatB peeps here.

For the next month I’m going to be only freelancing and maintaining my online art sales (I don’t start my new job until June). So if you feel generous and want to help me out, I’ll make BatB-related prints like this available for you all at a cheaper price than my other prints.

If there’s interest, I’m also planning to:

-Make and sell Gafou (and maybe just non-pairing too) button packs based on my previous art.

-Do special commissions and email full digital files or mail prints (depending) for $2. (Feel free to message me and we can talk about it!)

I just like making personalized things for people! So if you do feel like placing any orders with me, I thank you for your support <3 <3 <3

Y’all are a cool fandom!

Freedom ▫️
Markers and ink on Canson paper.
Size 8.3" x 11.7".