art for people who make me cry


CLASSICS (you’ve probably watched these already):

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion : depression, adolescence & mecha: the anime
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann : depression, adolescence & mecha: the remake
  • Kill La Kill: see above, but with a commentary on fanservice and the anime industry. also main female characters
  • Death Note : morally ambiguous main character kills people, eats potato chips. everyone loses their shit
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (both 2003 and Brotherhood) : 2 brothers fuck shit up, also save the world through alchemy.
  • Cowboy Bebop : guns in space
  • Every Goddamn Ghibli Movie : do it, you weakling. watch them all theyre all good
  • Ghost In The Shell : theres more than just the first movie. watch the other ones. also the tv series. do it. its about being human
  • Yu-Gi-Oh : believe in the power of the fucking cards karen

CLASSICS II (you probably haven’t watched these and it makes me sad):

  • Perfect Blue : the movie black swan tried (and failed) to rip off properly
  • Future Boy Conan : because miyazaki also does tv series
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena : sword lesbian, a lesbian with a sword
  • Oban Star Racers : racing, but in space. half french
  • Mushishi : spirits, in all their contemplative beauty
  • Black Jack (the OVAs are the best but you can watch the rest as well): the original Dr House, with more money and assholery
  • Koi Kaze : quite possibly the only redeemable anime about incest
  • Sherlock Hound: did i mention miyazaki doing great tv series yet

SHONEN (young boys fuck shit up):

  • My Hero Academia : crybaby protagonist turns out to be most loveable character of all time. becomes a cool hero. love him
  • Mob Psycho 100 : a show about a boy who just wants to be good. ONE manifests in your house to physically punch shonen tropes in the face. breathtaking animation. read the manga before tho. trust me
  • Avatar The Last Airbender (& Avatar The Legend Of Korra) : fuck you its anime because i fucking said so. watch it. the story is great and culturally diverse and also cool shit happens
  • Naruto & Naruto Shippuden : whatever you say some arcs were fucking legendary so whenever you want just watch some cool, non-filler shit. every thing after the Pain arc doesnt matter dont watch it
  • Soul Eater: i have no goddamn clue whats going on but it looks cool.
    also spirit vore
  • Hunter x Hunter : young boy adopts new adults in his family, gets killer best friend. literally
  • Keroro Gunsou : alien frogs try to take over the world. it,,,,, doesnt work very well. featuring otaku frog, angry frog, gay fanboy frog, gay nerd frog, alone frog as well as many other things. the humans are also good
  • Wakfu : its. basically french anime. fantasy stuff, it has great animation (especially in the later episodes) and the main villains are fucking incredible. its on netflix and by all that is holy watch it in french with english subs else i will physically manifest in your house and punch you.
  • One Punch Man : ONE tries to mock shonen manga, does it too well
  • Shaman King : the french OP is in my head and I CANT GET IT OUT
  • Black Rock Shooter (OVA + series) : this times its girls fucking shit up, and theyre also crying. it looks amazing

SPORTS ANIME (i dont give a shit about sports but goddamn i love these):

  • Baby Steps : the most realistic and likeable sports anime ever. weak art but great story telling and pacing
  • Haikyuu!! : what even is volleyball. i care about these characters and the animation is fucking phenomenal. the soundtrack is so good. watch it
  • Ping Pong - The Animation : weird-ass art in the best way, great story & characters. cant fucking believe this was achieved on flash
  • Welcome To The Ballroom : n e c k s
  • Hajime No Ippo : punching people and your own FEELINGS
  • Yuri On Ice!!! : gay ice skating. everyone loves quadruples. very nice and sweet. you will care about dogs
  • Akagi: lets just pretend playing mah-jong while using your blood to bet is an actual sport. also known as ‘wow thats a peculiar art style - the anime’

OTHER SHIT I’M TOO LAZY TO CATEGORIZE (but watch them theyre good i promise):

  • Fume Wo Amu : autistic man discovers how to make dictionaries and friends. some sad happens
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu : like a greek tragedy, except sadder and directed by gods. incredible animation as well. gr8 storytelling
  • Doukyuusei : a short, sweet love story. the animation style is stunning i fucking love it with all my heart
  • Steins;Gate : time travel bullshit. great direction
  • Journey To Agartha : a movie i tried to get people to watch back when they didnt know who makoto shinkai was yet. pls watch its good
  • Usagi Drop : aka “dont read the manga - the anime”. the fluffiest piece of animation you will ever encounter. a dad dadding his life away
  • Psycho-Pass : great thriller/action show. makes you question morality
  • Uchuu Patrol Luluco : fuck you and your feelings im more important
  • Monster : naoki urasawa Does It Again™
  • Kiznaiver : a deconstruction of drama anime in general, with godlike animation and art. the OP makes me want to cry because its so good
  • Wandering Son : a touching anime about trans kids. read the manga
  • Akagi : just makin sure you watch that one. while youre ahead read the manga too
  • Nichijou : slice of life anime presented in the most hilarious way
  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica : magical girls but with a twist. dont fuckin trust that piece of shit plushie
  • Lupin III : arsène lupin except hes more of a piece of shit than usual
  • Parasyte : i am scarred for life by the things i have seen
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: whatever the fuck is going on here

thats it for now, i will probably update this in the future when i think of it. these are my opinions and my opinions only im not some kind of anime guru kthx

DN Characters as Things my Friends and I Have Said
  • L: There's a special place in hell reserved for you and I'LL SEE YOU THERE
  • Light: Oh hey you know what time it is? *shows me his watch over which he taped a scrap of paper reading TIME TO DIE*
  • Near: I just want to go back to kindergarten were all you have to do is play with toys and clap in a certain pattern life is haaaaard
  • Matt: *turns to me* you know what? just fucking fill me with bull- *sees teacher* balloons! Fill me with balloons! so I can float into the stratosphere and die
  • Mello: hey what'd you get on the test- ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME
  • Misa: The art teacher tried to tell me black isn't a primary color, but then why do they say other colors are the new black? Doesn't that make it first??
  • Ryuk: Who needs free will and the ability to make your own choices when you can have APPLES?
  • Rem: my existence is a void.
  • Beyond: *hears police sirens* FUCK
  • Naomi: who needs boys? In fact who needs people? Why do people even exist, and where's that asteroid when you need it?
  • Mikami: *literally crying* and he just THREW out his paper in the trash. The FUCKING TRASH. WHAT KIND OF HEATHEN DOESNT EVEN RECYCLE?!?
  • Kiyomi: *imitating overheard conversation* And then she like told me my hair looked dumb and I was like but bitch you're always dumb, whaddup??
  • Matsuda: *walks into exam 15 minutes late* ALRIGHT LETS DO THIS *snaps pencil*
  • Friend: twenty one pilots is so depressing, it makes people depressed
  • Me: uhhh, but it brings together people who were/are depressed, gives them a family, and motivation to stay alive, new friends, and work through their problems with the feeling of someone by their side...



Lol I am so happy that this came out perfectly. lol even though there was a few time where I had to redo a few pages. :C BUt hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I did making this.

Omg it would so cool if Seigiva  noticed my comic OMG I WOULD FLIP OUT AND THEN CRY /(TOT)\ If you don’t know who he is then go on Youtube and support him. Personally,I think he has the perfect voice overs for Overwatch fan comics. 


Thanks so much for people that supported my comic and for those just scrolling by. :D <3

anonymous asked:

Omg I'm sooo happy that I found your account, I lllovelovelove your art and I COULD CRY I FOUND HADDOTIN ARTIST OMG. Nowadays is so hard to find people who draws haddotin omgggg! Do you draw nsfw? If not, just ordinary cute snuggle/kissing haddotin art would make me so happy<33

Ohh, thank you so much! 💛 And I’m always up for a bit of tintin fluff. Hope this tiny, incredibly vague comic suffices. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @crackmccraigen and best of luck in your future.

Here it is folks! The thing that’s been making me cry for the past half year or so. I worked as hard as I could on it, though some pleases are a little lazier then others and I’m sorry. There’s also some odd color bugs, but I blame youtube, as they didn’t appear when I was drawing them.

Also pay attention in the end credits for the wonderful people who helped me.

Note, some of the artists I listed at the end for the help with line arting, I forgot that while some of them said they’d love to help, I forgot to give them anu scenes to draw because i got so stressed over the project that I drew them myself. I’m REALLY SORRY ;w; Stress can make you forget things! Still thank you so much!!

Hey guys!! 

I know it hasn’t really been a minute since I’ve been posting like left and right this last month or so, but I’ve been getting a lot of notes and emails and all sorts of stuff so I figured I’d just throw down some quick updoots to get you all in the know (or at least my version of the know, we’ll figure that part out later)

FIRST OFF I want to thank every one of you out there who’s supported my art either through your likes, reblogs/retweets, and even Patreon support (which has gotten up to $200 a month wow!!) It’s only been like what, a year since I started posting art to the furry fandom and it’s been just a heck of a ride the entire way. Like I nearly went from 400 followers about a year ago to literally almost 7 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS???

If you had asked me if any of this was possible on my end about a year ago, frankly I’d tell you it was just a far off fantasy. BUT JOKES ON PAST ME BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE MAKING ME CRY IRL EVERY DAY. SO JUST THANKS. WOW. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! 

(and if you’ve been one of those people behind the scenes pushing my butt in the right direction, I love you just that much more. you all know who you are uwu)

SO AS YOU’VE PROBABLY NOTICED I’ve been doing a butt ton of art (specifically commissions!) very recently, and it’s been a heck of a refreshing change for me to just do some quick lil animated bits and layout stuff ! But the real world is scary and wants money so i’m also on the hunt for a more permanent job situation while I manage some of these upcoming projects and commissions. I will say definitively I’ll be closing off commissions for the upcoming month (but I’ll get to that in a sec)

The big one being my Chuck and Deen reboot, which is now officially going under the name HOW I LEFT TOWN (AND GOT LOST FOREVER)

The comics going under a serious overhaul in terms of tone, style and writing, but you’ll be seeing a return of all your fav characters in something I’m hoping will reflect a lot of the themes my artworks been giving off this last year. It’ll be dramatic, it’ll be super gay, and it’ll have lots of spooks! So here’s hoping I can deliver something special when I find the time to get posting.

The elephant in the room for me atm is my unfinished senior film that’s been sitting in limbo since I graduated from SVA. It’s literally just waiting to be finished (after some technical issues regarding time and coordination) and tbh it’s just a load of demo reel/portfolio material waiting to be unbenched, so I’ve decided to make that my first priority before my next big contract this coming month. I’m hoping I’ll have a good film to show for and finally a finished project under my belt by the beginning of July, so cheer along and look forward to some dumb teen comedy about vampires and terrible pizza!!

From there, I can definitely see myself dedicating my free time to making progress on my new comic and just tons more of the same kind of stuff you’ve been seeing me post recently. Here’s hoping I can pay back all the kindness and love I’ve received this last year uwu


Need to finish my student film before I get rolling on the new Chuck and Deen to get them sick career opportunities. Commissions are kind of closed. I love all of you. Deuces. 


i have 1.5k. wwhat. what are you all doing here i started this blog as a joKE asdfgdsfg

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and to everyone else who follows my blog and supports me, thank you so so much!!! i love you to the stars and back 

triforce06  asked:

Do you have any good recommendations for old comics? I would love to get into them but honestly I have no idea where to start.

The Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Fantastic Four was the towering achievement of the 1960s and my favorite comic of all time. Their current shabby treatment by their parent company is inexcusable; Marvel was built by Fantastic Four. FF is my favorite comic ever because it is “hot” and “cold” at the same time, a balancing act that is hard to do in science fiction. It has far out scifi adventures like shrinking to explore a world inside an atom or fighting Galactus the World Devourer, or a villain as melodramatic as Doctor Doom…but we believe in it because of how grounded it is in a real world, with wisecracking, warm characters we like. Every FF story ends in some far out way, but we believe it because of how it starts with something everyday, like the Thing buying hot dogs in Central Park while walking with his girlfriend. It’s like Stan discovered the formula for Coca-Cola; it’s very, very, very hard to tell a bad Fantastic Four story. Sure, FF is great, but it gets ultra-great starting around issue 43, and has an unbroken string of the greatest stories ever for 40 issues: the Coming of Galactus, the introduction of the Black Panther, the introduction of the Inhumans, Doctor Doom stealing the Silver Surfer’s powers (what a shocker that was).

Joe Kubert’s Enemy Ace comic is maybe the best war book ever written, about an honorable German flying ace in World War I. Hans von Hammer had noble and chivalrous instincts: he saluted enemies even after he killed them, and refused to shootan unarmed foe. He once befriended a wolf in the Black Forest, because the both of them were killers, and that wolf was his only real friend. He was the ultimate example of how war shapes even decent men into killers.

Russ Manning’s Magnus Robot Fighter is a crackerjack action-scifi comic that has aged better, not worse since the 1960s, because it’s all about the terror of a society that is overmechanized and under surveillance, where you hate machines but also need them and can’t get rid of them. The fully detailed, realized science fiction world of North Am is what makes it so interesting. Magnus is the Defiant Man in a screwy world; I wonder why John Carpenter never took an interest in making Magnus Robot Fighter as a movie, it would so fit his sensibilities.

If you ask guys who were around for it what they like about Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar, you get the same answer if you asked a wired little kid why they like sugar and caffeine. It was one of the first and best of the “creator owned, adult scifi comics” to come around in the early 1980s, with Vance Dreadstar leading rebels against an Empire. There’s also some bizarre Moorcock inspired mysticism at work. Best of all, Dreadstar is now widely available and reprinted; you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Speaking of adult oriented scifi comics, check out Alan Zelenetz’s Alien Legion. It’s about a futuristic French Foreign Legion made up of convicts, drifters, cutthroats, and criminals from across the known planets. The Legionnaires are expendable and are often sent on suicide missions, political objectives are often at odds with military ones, and a lot of them talk about desertion at times.

Star Brand by Jim Shooter is maybe the only comic that ever did anything interesting with the dead end idea, what would a superhero look like in the real world? It’s a comedy about how we never live up to our potential. When the hero comes back to earth from space, he finds he gets incredibly lost and can’t find his hometown. When he tries to stop a hostage crisis, he realizes that even with powers, he wonders what he could really do that wouldn’t make things worse or escalate the situation. It’s the people that make it worth it: our hero has conflicted feelings about two women, one a single mom, and the other is a girl that loves him, but so much that it doesn’t feel healthy.

Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer is a great retro comic, but the selling point is something that never entirely made it into the film adaptation: it’s all about the sex appeal of good looking girls. I once asked an art teacher of mine what it would take to make a living as an artist, and he told me, “draw good looking girls. If you can, you will never be out of work.” Well, Dave Stevens could, and he’d still be doing it today if not for his tragic passing.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to cry a lot (”sad is happy for deep people”), check out Strikeforce: Morituri, an early 80s comic with a fascinating premise. In order to fight off an alien invasion, a means of giving people superpeople is created, but it has a horrible cost: it gives you only a year to live. It’s all about mortality, nobility, and sacrifice and is really melancholic. Essentially, every single character has a terminal illness. 

Let’s talk about Snarry

I think the most annoying part of the Fandom is that Snarry isn’t a very common ship, you really have to dig around for people who like it. The sad thing is, when people hear something they aren’t farmiliar with, they panic and say hurtful things before they have time to understand my ship. I Absolutly adore my ship, the stories I have read and the art I have seen has pulled me out of a depression. When I’m panicked or stressed or crying… I read snarry. It makes me happy and it relaxes me. So when people continuously attack me and ridicule me over my ship, it breaks me down a little because this is the ship that has helped me so much. I’ve spent so much time writing, reading, and drawing snarry that when some random person on the Internet attacks me in 0.05 seconds over my ship that it breaks me down! Drarry shippers see dramione and even when they don’t ship it, they accept it. Why can’t I have that too? “Who’s you’re ship?” Well I can’t say it in fear of the hateful things people will say.

So here… I’m gonna say it.




I Fucking Love Snarry


Deal with it. Bitch

Hey lovelies! 😀 Time for me to head back home, before i fly off I wanted to share “Pool of Tears” from my solo show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery before I go. 🦋🌈 It was amazing to see her in person there since she’s been part of my private collection since 2014! 😊 I thought she was a really great fit for the theme of my show so I wanted to share some insight behind the painting. 🖼🎨 Tears are the evidence of human emotions.💧Sometimes we spill these tears in sadness, some in anger but the most beautiful ones are the tears we shed from happiness. 😁💧✨ Imagine if we could gather all those tears we’ve spilled in the breadth of our lives all in one place…⛆ Right now I’m crying over how amazing it was to see so many people at the show and the fact I have to leave. 😢 Your joy and support of my art has added a new level of excitement and appreciation to me! 🙏💖💖💖 Thank you for making this such a memorable trip to Italy. 😙❤ I will most definitely be back! 😉 For those who can I hope that you can go to the gallery and see my art in person and if one of you darlings wants to make this painting all yours please email the gallery at! Big hugs beauties! 😊💜

Hey, sweeties ! So… Yeah. I reached 900 followers. Do you see this nine with two zeros ? Yeah, 900 wonderful persons are following me and it’s just crazy ! Like, I never thought I was going to reach it. It was a little blog, and after one year & half, 900 persons decided to click on the button following, and I can only thank you for it. So many people encouraged me, and there’re who are here for me since the beginning. I met such lovely, nice and amazing people, I made friends, even best friends. And I’m blessed to know such incredible people. I improved ‘cause of them. They encouraged me, inspired me, made me laugh, smile and cry (of happiness!), and you don’t know how important you’re for me, even the persons who left.  Of course I still have a long way to go. But I’m with everyone, with the Inazuma Fandom Family, and even if I do the same crap forever, this is the most important for me. I’m happy that I decided, the day I created my blog, to join the Inazuma Fandom Family. I love the people here, the memes, the art in any ways I see each day in my dashboard. You make my tumblr experience such a beautiful one, and I hope I’ll stay here for a long time. So thank you ! Thank you very much for everything. To everyone. I love you all !! >3< ♡♡♡

Being emotional is not a good idea.. I’ll cry if I continue.. ;-; Here is my follow forever ! I advice to follow all of them. Such sweet & talented persons !

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And for the end… Sakka Yarouze !!


Part 1 Pixel Set —> (x)

Happy New Year!!! Once again I’m continuing my BTS pixel collection! Since I had time over winter break, I did ALL 3 of their outfit changes in their 2016 title track MVs! Young Forever, Fire, Save Me, BST. Enjoy!

(There has been past incidents where people reposted and used without credit or permission. I’m still posting my original PNG images (with bigger images) this time, but if this happens again I’ll upload low-res jpegs for future sets. Thank you for understanding and thank you for everyone who used them properly!)

Something I wanted to get off my Chest.

This is something I really want to get off my chest and I don’t know how else to start since I usually am not very good with introductions in general but I think I’ll start with how I felt over the years and the events that transpired yesterday and a few days ago.

Over the 26 years of my life, I’ve always been the usual kid you see in the block but I think I’m just like any kid who really loves entertainment just as much as everyone else does. Over the course, I grew up loving sci fi and many various stories that really invigorated me to go on adventures together and meet new people. Like I was your stereotypical kid who loved Star Wars, Star Fox, Super Mario Bros and of course anything that was made by Nintendo.

However I really wanted to join within the communities that had a similiar interest as me. Just like any other kid who wanted to be a part of the community for anything. I’ve tried sticking with them but more and more as I grew older I found so much negativity within them. Instead of expressing how much I love this genre, games or make fan made content, all I ever got was hate, troll responses or just plain negative downvotes. Many of which of course made me really sad and felt like I will never contribute anything to any fan community. So i felt isolated.

Soon afterwards, I just went in the dark, rather than talk or discuss with anyone online, I just sat there just playing games all day, do the usual homework from school but at the same time, I felt kind of isolated. Even if I joined any school clubs I usually stick to it for one day and kind of leave. So even though I was glad I didn’t have to deal with the amount of negativity, it also made me sad and lonely and I felt very isolated from many people who already have connections.

When I first saw Xenoblade X back in 2013, I thought ooh cool, mechs and regular on ground ARPG combat. Can’t wait to try it. Little did I know this would change my life around.

When I finished beating the game for the first time, I loved it so much. The story, characters, the world of mira, the cutscenes and the amount of fun sidequests that were available. I didn’t expect to fall in love with it so much. At first I thought man I should see what others think of it. Of course, to my big surprise it was a very mixed reaction from most people I noticed and it had tons of excessive bashing that I felt was unnecessary or it’s one of those it doesn’t cater to my specific niche case scene. It honestly made me feel sad and I thought I would never join back. However there was something I did that I never thought I would do to get people to notice me.

During my playthroughs, I did a lot of video recordings of moments that I loved from the game. I created a bunch of gifs, webm videos, commission artists for drawing Xenoblade X fan arts of my favourite characters and people started to notice this pink shirt meme mim that seems to circulate around. Although I had the usual it’s that guy again, some of them took notice to me and I felt I wanted to meet these people. We quickly became friends and soon I started posting these to tumblr and I feel as cool as the game is, there aren’t enough fan contents cause it’s a niche series. I asked various sources and helps from my friends and I went on to compile stuff like the Party Member banters, making hacks, screenshots, emote gifs of characters that don’t normally have emotes, cross interactions etc.

It of course felt great and I felt very satisfied with the amount of things I’ve contributed but at the same time, it still kind of felt lonely especially when I had to find work and I can’t stick with doing these things all day. It wasn’t until around Feb 17th 2017 when my birthday happened. So many art gifts kept pouring into my feed and I just could not believe it. I just have no words to express how happy I was. I was literally shedding tears at work while doing whatever task or projects my boss wanted me to do but of course I finished them all really early and he let me off early. Something that burst in me, I started crying. 

I just don’t know. It was such a wonderful feeling like I’ve accomplished something in my life. It felt like I helped bring a community together and as someone who loves art in general, it just blew my mind. All my friends that I got to know through discord, tumblr, twitter and now even the people from the Japanese Xenoblade X community. It was soooo overwhelming and I can’t thank everyone enough!!! You guys are amazing!! I’m just an ordinary programmer just trying to make a living and I think all you guys together are one amazing people and the Xenoblade X community is such a wonderful community. And of course your love has also motivated to get back into drawing. Something I never thought I would attempt to do again after 15 or so years of not doing because I felt I would never improve but now I’ve been thinking positively about it.

So I would like to say once again thank you to the Xenoblade X community and for giving me back so much over the years. I really hope you’ve guys enjoyed the content that I’ve created and the amount of hours I’ve put into it to make them possible.  I don’t want to name specifics as I feel that would be very bias but for those that I’ve DMed with on my personal time you know who you guys are.  But I would love excessively say thank you to those and the community. You guys are the ones that motivated me to do all these things and I really mean it. So thank you! You guys as a whole are the most wonderful people I’ve ever known and I want to continue to supporting all of you as much as I can. I just…..

Thank you!!!


I finished it! Which is exactly what I said last time I drew something Undertale related XD
I thought this took 2 weeks but my meta-data says it only took 9 days. It sure felt longer though 8’D

And yet again, this is something that’s only gonna make sense to people who know stuff about Undertale >.>;; because alienating my audience is my special talent.

Papyrus strikes me as the kind of dork who instantly bursts into tears when he sees someone else crying even if he has no idea what’s wrong. Because he’s secretly 4 years old.

I have no idea how panels work so my solution is to avoid them 8D I’m so professional.

This finally gave me an excuse to use the “Comic Papyrus” font. because HELL YEAH I have that font on my computer!!


I want to say thank you for those people who like this shity art of mine when i post it on Twitter.
When i was watching his video i was knowing that he will NEVER see this. But then he saw it! He saw this!!!
And it makes me cry. I was crying because everytime when i tried to draw something “not pony” stuff or “more human” thing it was a piece of shit. But i tried to make that person i’m drawing for at least smile for a second. And this is what i’m trying to do everyday and everytime when i’m drawing giftarts or my parts of art trade! And everytime i’m scared to post it. I’m always thinking “What if he/she won’t like this? What if he/she hate it???”
And i’m so happy right now that something i did for 8 hours in one day using only a MOUSE and using SAI was finaly noticed.

And i’m happy that for all this week i was trying to like lots of others people art works on twitter because i knew that they desirve it! They desirve it more than my stupid self. I even was replying to some people’s tweets to trying to make them smile or feel happy for a little bit. And it was amazing to do. It was amazing feelings when you did this.

I’m happy to be a part of Jacksepticeye’s community.
And i’m happy that i make Jack smile.

Thank you again.
Have a nice day today. 

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