art for othe

“*gasp* Did I do that??”


What more do you need than P  R  I  D  E ?

#MayWeDrawDaily Day:…………….19….oh….

UhH…Yeah I have no other excuse other than work has been super busy and i’m super lazy. I didn’t have much time for arting othe than the occasional sketchbook doodle all week…and it…shows. So rusty.  Here’s a Yamaguchi cause hes the best and I love him.


I have fallen in love with this show O_O

The art is beautiful, the voice cast really fits (my gosh Baba is so cute!), the music is nice and the content keeps me nice and calm before bed. Not to forget it’s all about animals, it’s educational (for the most part) and friggin Chris O’Dowd is the narrator! :D

I know it’s just a little kids show, but man, Puffin Rock has won me over.


(All credit for these images go to the animators of Puffin Rock)


2 Adults, Oak and Aurora, come from another planet, the same one, and are escaping from war that is destroying their home planet with their kids. Both adults being very nature based decided to pool their resources and live together after finding a place on Galaxia.

Due to having so many Sims (each adult has 3 kids…so Introducing the Brady Bunch! Sorry >.<) this post will have Oak and his kids and the next will have Aurora and her kids.

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japhet’s probably bored out of his skull and decided to bother Valerie while he does paperwork to fill the void until something comes  up for him to do
Valerie would like to get more done on a daily basis, but of course he doesn’t really mind all that much.

Sophia Bush (aka Queen) drawing by me ☺ ✌

One of my favorite actresses/people ever! One Tree Hill and Chicago P.D. count to my favourite TV shows and she did/is doing an amazing job on both! She inspires thousands of women and girls and is someone I and many others look up to.

In a nutshell: Sophia Bush is one of the most amazing women out there and I am proud to call her my idol.

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