art for me can u believe it okay

the list of things ive gotta draw is longer than neils old identities but here i am drawing neil in a jong bc fandom mom @coldsaturn said it should be so

shoutout to the zine chat for making me aware of the awful wonderful concept i love my disaster son

kimonkkia replied to your photo “wow can u believe peter parker is a trans boy?? iconic.”

okay yeah let’s waste time on something stupid, petty, and not transphobic like this rather than actual transphobic issues, cool. congrats you guys, super progressive, love it.

listen my dude… im tired. i donate to the hrc. i make info brochures. i run an lgbt+ club. i go to protests. but im so tired. sometimes i don’t wanna be an advocate; i just wanna be a kid drawing self-indulgent fanart on the internet. just let me draw what makes me happy instead of acting like im somehow degrading “””actual””” transphobic issues by having fun now and then.

ah okay so 3 am last night i did this super quick for art homework with the prompt “looking through the _______” (i put dimension) and we had a little contest and this won!! people were asking about it and saying it was rlly cute and it made me so happy to see my babies at first and i just wanted to share it on here for today :) more actual art to come later, just a fun little painting 💖

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oKAY but today my friends and i were talking abt radical artists and when one of them asked "who do you admire?" yOU POPPED UP IN MY HEAD AND I JUST??? hecking love u & ur art u work so hard & i admire u a toN!!1!1!!! ♥️♥️♥️

????????I can’t believe you thought of me aaAAHHHHH??????? THAT MEANS A HECK TON TO ME AND SO NICE………THANK YOU SO MUCH…………. I’ll keep doing my best aaghjfkddfgl ㅠㅠ

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” - Christopher Robin

Hey Dan (danisnotonfire), I know you said you were joking and last night was just you ‘trying to be funny’ but, regardless, I wanted to make you something for you whenever you’re going through a crisis, wether it’s about life, existence, identity or creativity. Take it one step at a time, okay? Remember you can always talk and seek help from those you love/those who care about you. Wishing you happiness and contentment, always. x

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yo i understand you're trying to stand up for poc, and that diversity is something we need more of! I just don't think you're understanding that this is not something you need to be attacking. Haley worked very hard on that drawing, and made sure to make it as close to the real thing as possible. Attacking people and telling them to take their art down bc it's "whitewashing" is not okay! Ever! Please understand that ur white and you can admit that you don't know what you're taking about :)

im not attacking the artist, tho i understand why u may get that impression, and i apologise for that 
my orginal comment was a bit glib but haley messaged me politely and told me that is was the thing they wanted to do, and i believe them! what i think has happened is that theyve used swatches from a screenshot that had a high amount of lighting, making the character appear paler than they are, like here, for instance: 

due to lighting korra looks lighter here, and heavily light screenshots arent screenshots you should be using for skin refs 

HAPPY NEW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!! YAY IT’S 2015 NOW! I hope u are having an amazing time with family or friends or alone, i just hope that all of u out there are okay, safe and happy! I want to thank u guys for making 2014 such a great year for my art, without your support i wouldn’t be drawing so much stuff. I got to 600+ followers for half an year and that is SOOOO much, I still can’t believe that so many of u are following me :D I hope that u still like my art , so here u can have this Tokka new year kiss. Also I just want to say that im here and im here to stay, tumblr is a great place with some great people. Thank u for everything I know that 2015 would be even better than 2014! Maybe I could reach 1000 followers :D idk I love u all thank u for reading that and i just dont know what to say. Thank u <3